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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Used to be great... deleted my account


Was a great service until they started forcing users to pay for their pro service. I have deleted my account and the app! What a joke. Couldn’t be any more disappointed.

Useless for my needs


No option to act based on a notification?

Not going to continue service ‼️


I really liked being able to freely use applets. Being charged to have more than 3 is shameful. Don’t bother wasting money on some low life’s that want to take human rights away

Technohippies approve (⚡️?)

Tony Diepenbrock

KISS ?: ?.?( keep Ⓧ simple stoopid (?) );

Can’t Update From iOS Text Messages


I’d really love to be able to pull iOS text messages for a particular contact, from my iPhone into my Day One Journal, but I cannot even do that, because the iOS Messaging app is not a supported service. I’d give 5 stars if that capability could be created!!

Beware, lots of spam


I signed up years ago and have received endless emails. No way to unsubscribe without logging back into the app which I had deleted a long time ago. Finally had to redownload the app just to unsubscribe and omg, they had my cell phone, Twitter, everything was somehow linked to this thing. AVOID this invasive app.

Used to be a big fan and now can’t stand it


I have been using this app for years. I was on premium for a few months despite not needing it. The UX has gotten worse with time, and the triggers often do not happen unless you manually open the app, which defeats the purpose. I’ve waited for a long time for it to get better, but that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. Just use Shortcuts, and if you need a web hook, make one on Zapier or Autocode. At least those tools actually function as expected and meet bare minimum standards.

They’ve ruined my Smart bulbs


With IFTTT I was able to automate my Kasa bulbs. I was even able to create Siri voice commands to let me change my bulb scenes on the fly. I’m thankful I still have my 3 basic, ON OFF DIM commands but I am no longer able to create more. I have gotten the hang of my Kasa bulbs more and I was really looking forward to adding a “hey Siri, we’re watching a movie” voice command to set my special dimmed light scene similar to how movie theaters do. It’s just a first world problem that I now NEED to go into my Kasa app just to dim my room. Why did you guys get rid of Kasa compatibility? I am disappointed

Not worth it

Choose another name again

This app is not worth $60 per year. Some apps don’t belong as a subscription model. This is one of them.

Now useless


Start charging for something that used to be free, that’s your prerogative. You weren’t exactly providing the service for free, you sold data that was provided since we agreed to the TOCs. Now, the app is useless to me. Thanks but no thanks.