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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Ridiculous 1hr polling


Triggers only run once per hour. So you cannot have live triggers anymore. I have a motion sensor that was triggering my camera when it detected motion but now this doesn’t work anymore since polling is only every hour instead of at the time of the trigger.

Blink arm/disarm


IFTTT won’t trigger to arm or disarm Blink home system. Set and reset location. Works a few times then stops working altogether. Lousy app.

To costly


Lived or when it was free

Bad bad bad communication in app.

Formerly Famous

Haven’t been able to find a way to cancel my account. It shouldn’t be that difficult if this were a more reputable organization. The idea and the contents of the application is a good one but there’s no way to run a business when you can’t get in touch with people. Therefore one star because it’s one more than zero it deserves.

Pro account.


I do not need a full blown Pro account. I have a handful of applets I would need so see no need to spend $49 a year when I’m only using a small percentage of the pro license. I see two options allow the free account to do more than 3 applets or charge a scaled fee based on applets. $10 a year for 20 applets, $20 for 40 etc.



Very easy

Just started


Will review after I use a little more

Oops An Error Occurred

Raging Elf

Simply trying to link Instagram and Twitter. Twitter no problem. Instagram keep getting a “Oops An Error Occurred.” After numerous tries, deleting app, reinstalling… nothing. Not to mention O support. Thank God I requested a full refund for “Pro.” This app is a hard pass.

Geofencing w iPhone now useless


This used to work well to geofence, but now fails about 90% of time. Do Not depend on an applet to turn on your security system when leaving an area!!!



Worked 99.9%of time when it was free, now that I pay for it, it works about 20% of the time. Not worth $2 per month.