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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc



Horrible service. Withdrew support for Manything app without notice of any kind.

Everyone wants everything for nothing.


Funny how the reviews used to be consistently 5-star ratings until (god forbid) the programmers and all the people who work to make this work want to be PAID for their time and OUR convenience. Everyone wants FREE but those same people certainly aren’t giving up their time and efforts for free. The few who actually do have a job on these reviews lately CERTAINLY wouldn’t expect to do their jobs for free, why would you expect all these apps for free? There are givers and takers, you all that want everything for nothing are obviously the latter. Great APP, keep it up, fees are minimal for the convenience this brings. THANK YOU for all your hard work!

Not consistent for me


Sometimes location applets work; sometimes they don’t.




Doesn’t work


I try to run applet to sync Alexa to do with IOS and asks me to sign in to IFTTT. But it never lets me sign in once I hit connect applet button.

Nothing seems to work


Nothing works

No longer works consistently with the latest IOS/iPhone 13

Ninja Bravo

It used to work flawlessly, but after I upgraded to the new iPhone and IOS, it works about half of the time even though my privacy settings are set to it always being on, and no restrictions on cellular settings. The biggest issue is the location tracker, half if the time it will work, and when I notice it stops working, it updates only when I open the app and go to that rule while the app is open.

If start up, crash


iphone 12 same result for data or wifi crashes under 30 seconds when i go to create ifttt

Cool but…


Most of my smart things are Geeni brand and there’s no support. ?

Basic at best.


So limited in its functionality for free users. One applet with basically no logic whatsoever. What a waste.