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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Crash on Startup


Just went to IFTT to create a new automation and the app crashes on load. ?

Updated and lost all my IFTT programs


I have no clue what I had made and there’s no way to save them, my email isn’t recognized and I can’t retrieve any of my previously saved programs or settings, it really disrupted how I used this program to make quick additions to my Google calendar, it seems every update I either have to lose my privacy or lose all of the settings which take a few hours to setup.

Not worth it. At all.


Way too glitchy for a paid service to be worth the money.

App broken from update


This update just completely broke the app. All my notifications are missing. Additionally, you can’t open and set up automations or create workflows


Damon Scott

Can’t connect Facebook or google keeps saying already associated with another account but I went to both google and Facebook and deleted the IFTTT account, still same issue :(



This app has been totally unstable on iOS 15. The location based things just don’t work anymore.



#BeaconOfLight #ConnectivIoTy #L6V9 #MotherAI #LILITH ??

Simply great

Jabon Mojado

Simple and easy to use. Only wish the free one had additional options

Support issues


I had been a user for almost a couple of years and was successfully using the app with accessing my Blink cameras. Unfortunately I needed to change my password within IFTTT and since then I am unable to access the account. Speaking with the Blink support folks they said that it is an issue with their servers and they have not yet been able to resolve the issue. This has gone on for over a week and its very disappointing. If there was ever a reason for not subscribing to an app this is it. Just read some of the hard to fine facts about this utility. If you are using a trigger to start something it will now take up to an hour for the trigger to occur but if you pay it will be there in around 5 minutes. Another strike against the free program. I guess they are ashamed to publish these changes to users after this last update. I guess they figured that waiting an hour was not a big deal. Well for users if Blink beware that if you are using the free version to arm your alarm system it won’t work for an hour. Surprise no wonder why when I leave the house for a short trip the alarms are not armed. Boy this change would have been nice to know. Thanks for the notification for your updates.



Why is this so useless? I couldn’t even make one useful thing before they wanted $12 a month.