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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

Tesco applet not working


Tesco applet hasn’t worked for about 6 months. I’ve sent messages asking them to fix but no responses.

Trying so hard

PK Window Treats

This is the most confusing Papp ever. More explanations are needed or maybe a video




Automates everything


I love this app for organizing my personal administrative duties, optimizing my music listening experience and so many other things that I would have never thought to automate before.

Get ready for spam


The app is okay, but be ready to get flooded with spam from them. I’ve received at least 2 sometimes 3 emails per day since signing up. I’m canceling the service.

Hacked Account.


Be wary of this company and app. They make it very difficult to get assistance when needed. Still can’t get anyone. My account has been hacked by changing email address and password. I can’t change email back without password. I can’t change password because it goes to the hackers email address. I can’t even delete the account. Maybe I will have to keep giving poor reviews until someone responds. Hopefully they don’t respond to hackers email address.

Not useful without expensive subscription even for basic things


You have to pay even to add the most simplest of queries, other apps do the same for free

App randomly opens garage door


I used an app to close garage door, however, it is randomly opening my garage door!

stopped working

unhappy paid user 2016

everything stopped working

Not sure what happened


Got this app a few months ago. Ran it on iOS 14 and 15. This app is very hit and miss, mostly miss with the Blink app and the Ultraloq app. Have done everything suggested by ifttt. Restarted phone several times, deleted the ifttt app then reinstalled, reconfigured, disconnected it and reconnected and still mainly doesn’t work. This app costs a lot of money for it to work like this. I’d like to give it 0 stars but can’t. I think it’d be awesome if it’d just work, but this will be the last of my money they get. Unfortunately I get to look at basically a nonfunctional app for about 10 more months! Buy at your own risk.