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IFTTT - Automate work and home is free iOS app published by IFTTT Inc

good app


good app

The best


I love this app just makes my life easier

MyQ fails


IFTTT won’t authenticate with MyQ. Tested MyQ login multiple times successfully but when I input same login credentials with IFTTT, it fails. Useless.

This system is awful


No tech support

It tastes like apples


But goes down like juice

Completely unstable. Crashes in seconds


Don’t know what happened to this app but it’s unusable on my phone. The app crashes in a few seconds after opening. If a dev wants to help me fix it, I’ll re evaluate my rating.



Doesn’t work.

This is the future


This is the future of apps and services as we know it..Also enabling us to create, customize and collaborate. The Possibilities are endless!

Great if you can use it


I can see how this would be a difficult app for your average consumer to use, that being said it works very well. I use it with 'Workflow' to accomplish tasks I need to complete frequently and it’s functionality is second to none. However it can be complex & time consuming at times to set up correctly

Look a good app


Hope can help me laern more about new things, that some time is follow u up everyway, without know WHY.