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Hyperlapse from Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.



I just want to film for 10-45 minutes and it automatically time lapse to 2-5 minutes. This app does that. I wish I could record and listen to podcasts or audiobooks with it recording But that’s my only complaint/suggestion



Stabilization not work in iphone11

Stabilization doesn’t work on iPhone 11


I know the iPhone 11 has built in stabilization bit apparently this app doesn’t work with it ? It says that it’s unavailable because my devise is not compatible. Ridiculous. Please fix.

Doesn’t work


I chose this app to convert already made videos to time lapse but the app only says that you have to take the video on the app

Please update


Hi, I love your app so much until I got my new iPhone 11 Pro and apparently you don’t support stabilization on the new model. Please help fix the issue, thanks!

Pure support


I just installed the app to test out the stabilization but it gives the message stating that it doesn’t support my IPhone 11

Doesn’t stabilize video on iPhone 11


They key innovation in Hyperlapse is image stabilization, and this is not supported in iPhone 11. This leads to jerky videos, making the app useless.

Stabilization Not Supported


Hyperlapse does not work on new iphone 11. Says “ Stabilization Not Supported” very disappointed since this has been one of my favorite apps since it was released.

W hat I wish it had


So I Love to do cleaning time lapses. I wish that after you have pick your speed you could go back and see and also if you could go back and edit ~ Cut out.

No stabilization in iPhone??? Why ?


The app without stabilization and nothing interesting. Why it’s not supported in the latest iPhone?