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Hyperlapse from Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.


Dr Nappy

What I love is that for versatility I just wish it was an iPad edition set allowed to do selfilapse

Best performance time lapse app ever


I use this app everyday to take drive lapse. Only I wish is allow to manual focusing and exposure control although simplicity is best advantage of Hyperlapse. As of September 2020, still I use well on my iPhone 5. If you want see my footage please search “Daily Drive” channel on YouTube.

정말 잘만든 앱이네요 !


유용하게 잘 사용중입니다 ! 항상 감사한 마음으로 사용할게요 !

Love it!


It’s great to change up your videos. Especially in a time when people don’t want to spend too much time watching a slow pace long video.

Stabilization not supported


If the stabilization of videos is a major component of this app, then it should work. Please fix this issue.



This is the best

Basic time lapse app & easy to use


This app is easy to use and I like the fact that they have a few extra features that can be modified, like the resolution and speed. The only two things that I don’t love is 1) you can’t listen to music while using the app and sometimes you want to do an hour long time lapse and it’s just too boring to not be able to listen to music in the meantime, and 2) that you can’t edit the features of the video after you save it... so you only have one option to save, for example, the speed of that video. Sometimes you can’t undo what you just did or do it again to save it with other features, so it would be nice to have more options.

Great app

Cristina Tudor

This is a great app!



Doesn’t always save. And doesn’t store in app so you can try to save again. Very frustrating when you spend time creating one to lose it. Looking into a different app.

Hyperlapse doesn’t work with iPhone 12


I use this app all the time to help stabilize footage shot on the iPhone and it worked flawlessly on my iPhone XS. I just upgraded to the 12 Pro and now I’m getting an alert from within the app that says “Stabilization Not Supported.” Your device does not support Hyperlapse stabilization. Your finished videos may not be stabilized.” Any help?