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Hyperlapse from Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

Needs iPhone 11 Support


LOVE the minimalistic design of this app but I desperately need to be able to use my ultra-wide angle lens for time lapses on this app! And, like everyone else, adding stabilization support for iPhone 11 would also be a huge plus.

Great app!


This app really helped me. I have a small display turntable that turns at about 1 rpm. Hyperlapse speeds this up multiple apparent speeds - the 6x one is perfect for me.

Works great!


Amazing app!

Thank You Thank You Thank You


So happy my favorite time lapse app now supports iPhone 11 Pro! By far this is the best app with features to adjust speed and flawless stabilization. Thank you for listening to your community.

Love it!


Great app. Simple and easy to use.

Great app

marianne renoir

Very simple and easy to use. I have yet to have any issues.



I love it. Easy to use and intuitive.

Recent Updates?


I saw that this app was updated three weeks ago. With performance updates. What were those so we can access? Did you now incorporate smooth that video for newer phones? That was sadly missing for quite a while. When it worked on the older phones it was fantastic but I don’t have that phone anymore. And why the hidden settings?

Buena app


Buena app



Love this app. You can adjust how fast you want it