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Hyperlapse from Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

Broken on iPhone 11 Pro.


Stabilization not supported.

Doesn’t work anymore


Didn’t work on my iPhone XR and still doesn’t work on iPhone 11 Pro. All you get is an error after you shoot the video saying “your device doesn’t support Hyperlapse stabilization.”

Great app but needs UPDATING!!!


This app does everything it promises, but hasn’t been updated for a year, as of this writing. It is NOT COMPATIBLE with the iPhone 11!


James Baxter

C’mon, Facebook. You’re a multibillion-dollar multinational. Let’s at least keep this app current enough to support this year’s hardware.

Stabilization Not Supported - iPhone 11


Hyperlapse (when it worked) was better than the time-lapse option on my iPhone due to the stabilization and ability to choose your speed. Please update this app to support newer phones!!!

Lack of support. Lack of stabilization.


This was hands down the best time lapse app out. The stabilization was flawless and the ability to shoot in 24 is amazing. However, the lack of support lost that amazing stabilization feature that made using it really fun. Not sure why they haven't kept up development but it's very unfortunate. Until then, 1 star.

Stabilization not supported


Error on iPhone 11: Your device doesn’t support hyperlapse stabilization. Your finished videos may not be stabilized. Don’t download for time lapses where you do any movements, it’s useless on iPhone 11.

Camera Roll Access


It works very well, and I like the easily adjustable speed. I think the app could be even better if it were to allow you to access your camera roll to fasten those videos as well.

Needs an update! No iPhone 11 Pro Max support


Says Stabilization Not Supported on “Your device does not support Hyperlapse stabilization”! So works great if you have an older phone but not if you have a new one.

Loved this app on my iPhone X but doesn’t work on 11 Pro


No updates in a year and the current version doesn’t stabilize hyperlapses on the iPhone 11 Pro! Please update your app!