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Hyperlapse from Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.



Love all of my vids that I made!?

Iphone 11 “stabilization not supported”


Used to be the greatest app. Now with iPhone 11 I get the above message and the videos are far from stabilized. Searched for answers and can find nothing. Too bod for such a great app.

Doesn’t work on new iPhones


This is a joke - i have the latest iphone - the 11, and it says stabilization is not supported for this phone. Copied from microsoft’s android hyperlapse but doesn’t even work.

Reason I buy the iPhone


This was my favourite app and I wished they supported iPhone 11 pro stabilisation but it’s been many months now and clearly the team doesn’t want to work on adding support for it. Still can’t understand why it doesn’t work. Probably letting this app be gone now until I hear news about them supporting the next iPhone

Major flaw


Doesn’t adjust for changes in lighting. If I film Something late afternoon to sundown, by the time the sun is set the video is completely dark. That doesn’t happen with built in iPhone time lapse. So until this is fixed I’m still looking for the perfect app that adjust to changes in lighting and gives me control over speed setting post shoot.

This app has been abandoned by Instagram


This app worked great but they haven’t updated the app since 2018. The stabilizer doesn’t work. I don’t know how a rich company like Instagram/Facebook can’t get a single engineer to update the app for iPhone 11. It should take a few weeks at worst. Let them add ads or pay for it but to leave it broken is a waste.

Không hỗ trợ iphone 11 pro max


Hi vọng sẽ sớm ra phiên bản hỗ trợ cho iphone 11 pro max

Used to be my go-to for time lapse....


But now it doesn’t have support for stabilization after iOS 13 launched so unfortunately I can’t use it for anything that I need to look steady. Will come back if they fix that

Not supported w iPhone 11 Pri


This app was amazing and touted it to all of my friends and never needed any updates (hasn’t been updated in a year) until now. The image stabilization doesn’t work so this app is essentially useless.

One of the best apps ever, now unusable

Living Comfort Eagle

Please add support for the newest iPhones. Please Facebook, update this app!