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Hyperlapse from Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

iPhone 11pro stabilization broken


I love this app, I even met the developers once. I’m very disappointed that stabilization isn’t supported on iPhone 11Pro. Please fix and it will be 5stars again!

iPhone 11 Pro support


The app doesn’t support camera stabilization on iPhone 11 Pro. On the previous phone model it was perfect for time laps videos, but on the latest iPhone it’s useless. Sad.

Trash ????


The fact you cant edit stuff from your cam roll is trash

Does not work on iPhone 11 Pro


As it says on the tin ^

Pointless without stabilization


They removed digital imaging stabilization for the iPhone 11 [Pro only? Maybe]. This becomes a vestigial app considering that these phones come with a baked-in (amd stabilized) time lapse feature. The only benefit is the ability to adjust playback speed in increments.

Good but needs more options


I like this app a lot but I wish you could go back and change the speed and it would be cool if you could use your filters like on ig stories


Ben Gerkin

Finally supports newer devices! Very happy the latest update restored the ability to shoot silky smooth video from the palm of my hand. This is by far the best stabilization app around. Five stars !

Abandoned app


The app does not provide stabilization with iPhone 8+ or newer. The app was great on previous versions when it worked though. I look forward to an update that fixes it. Unfortunately, even the latest update does not.

Finally, stabilization for iOS 13/iPhone 11 Pro


...one year later! However, still forced to use the 1x lens- no options for wide or telephoto lenses. Also, not as useful as before for stabilized shots, because the standard Camera app now has optical and digital stabilization. Let’s see some new features!



Hyperlapse makes videos fun!