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Hyperlapse from Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

No Support!


Can't find a way to fix a bug where I cannot save videos. No way to contact Instagram to report? Not a space issue. Up to date iOS on iPod touch 5th generation. Everything in the very minimal and unhelpful help forum says I should be compatible and I always have been until new update. Videos won't save. Really?



Takes some patience but final result is cool

Broken! Please fix!

Lego Damashii

Hyperlapse used to work flawlessly and amazingly. Now it stutters and crashes and the video often freezes after about a minute. Please fix my favorite app! [Previous review: As others have said, this app is amazing! Stabilization at 1X is stunning. In low light situations, however, the video can be blurry or pulse in a weird way. This may be a limitation of the technology, but if not, maybe a fix/improvement could be implemented.]

Does NOT work w/ iPod Touch 6


If you have an iPod Touch 6 (it does work with 5th Generation) you will receive a "Stabilization not Supported" error message when saving the video and the video will be jumpy b/c the stabilization does not work (as of May 16, 2016)



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Straight forward


Amazing quality with a simple button push! You'll be glad you tried this app. ??????

Love it


Best handheld time lapse app in the App Store.

Great when it works

Distillate jhvyddhfs

It works fine...when it works. Which isn't often. Of the 6 time lapses I tried over the last few days I had 1 work correctly. The rest have spots in the middle that freeze on the same frame for several seconds or the app crashed and I lost the lapse. This needs serious improvement. I'm done gambling my once in a lifetime time lapses with this app.