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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

Bring back old one


I remember when it was just one option which was classic I liked that way better this is just wierd

Great game


It’s. A fun and weird game and I have to say it’s just a fun game to play when your bored

Fun Game 💯


This game is really fun! I’ve been playing it since I was younger, and even though this app has all these negative reviews on the starfruit and the leveling up for the new blades and themes, I respect that. Even though you gotta spend starfruit on themes and blades, it’s still the same Fruit Ninja we all know and love.😉

Wrong game???


I downloaded this game on my phone today and it is not the same at all that my sisters phone and my iPad have. It is making me do levels on a “journey” that involve beating waves. There is no home screen for me to play the regular game! I tried deleting and re downloading and nothing will work. I’m stuck on this journey that I don’t want to be on, I just want the regular classic, arcade, and zen mode game!!



I love Fruit Ninja I play it all of the time but every week or two all of progress gets lost and it completely restarts! I have to unlock all of the modes and get all of my blades and my high score back. It’s so frustrating there is nothing I can do! It’s connected to my game center and everything PLEASE FIX IT! I don’t want to keep playing if I know I’ll have to restart from nothing over and over again.

Way overmonetized


So many ads. I’d pay $15 for an ad free version of this game. But there are pathetic amounts of currency priced at double that. Forget it. Leave it for the whales they’re hunting.

Fruit Ninja is awesome!!!!!


Halfbrick , I really love what you have done with fruit ninja and the graphics are just outstanding and is one of my favorite games ever , keep up the great work

Unlocking levels is EZ


First game on classic.after that level up and immediately get zen. Then first zen game and immediately arcade. So every unlock haters are wrong. I unlocked every level bested durian geprey(aka rinjin) on first try so trust me on this one.

Game has became to fast


Idk why it somehow just to fast and I miss nearly all fruit please fix it back to normal and I will rate 5 stars please fix it

Great every time


I’ve always loved this game, and play all the time. There’s a lot to do in the game, which is always a great quality. My only criticism is that there are constant ads. After every game, ad. I don’t mind the occasional short one, but these are long and constant. Overall, this is a great game!