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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

Creepy ad!!!


I don’t appreciate the SUPER CREEPY AND VIOLENT AD for a game called GardenScapes that frequently pops up when my kid brother is playing this game! It’s supposedly just a puzzle game so this is intentionally f’ed up. Like a girl throwing an axe at a clown that’s chasing her, guy tied to a bed being tortured... GET RID OF THAT SH*T !!!

Minecraft is amazing

greggest of the greg

Um you don’t have to use bathroooooms and uh I like creeped

Once a legend, now joke


This was once a great game and fun to play. Now it’s ad and ad and silly crap that ruin it from the original. Deleted.

Okay... but glitchy

kiwis are lit

Every time it gives me the option to watch an ad and get all three power ups, the it exits me out of the game

All my gold apples

A Cee'

I just want all my gold apples when they win them on the mini games and watch ads

I love this game but there’s one problem


When I got my first daily gift which was a loan of the golden ember it never gave me the loan

Horrifically infected with adware


This is a game that a 10-year-old could literally make in 2019, and they are doing 30 second ads between every level. You truly have to spend as much time watching ads you do playing. What a joke.

Blade and dojo special powers are terrible


I don’t like how the blades and dojos have special powers. I just want the blades and dojos for the aesthetics, not to try to get more points. I want to get points from my skill, not from a blade that I think is cool. Please make a way to turn the special powers off?? Also the ads are pretty annoying. On a side note, I love the mini games :)

Why are there ads at lvl 15


I enjoyed playing the game but why are there ads popping up after each game at level 15? I’m not getting anything out of it and it really feels like the devs were getting greedy... if that’s how it’s going to be we all might as well uninstall the game

Bad upgrade


The previous version was much better. I was trying to get used to this new version, but could.