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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

Big Changes


I appreciate that you want to improve the game, and I am not going to yell like the other guy who commented, but maybe make it to where we don’t have to unlock zen and arcade mode. I liked the old version better... maybe cut back a little and try to return it to at least halfway of the normal way... but otherwise it is still pretty good πŸ™‚

Great game😍 But !


The game after update to 2.6.6 i have lag and fps drop sometimes please fix it .πŸ™πŸ˜³πŸ™

Nice some people were freezing and gonna download this.


This is a very nice game. Expecting all those blades and high scores and dojos. Trying to not freeze yourself in fruit ninja. I also really like this game because it has mini games. All the mini games games have different things. I Think there’s a lot more you can improve because you do you improve anything since March. Except for fixes and improvements. You should add new ones. Anyways this is a fun game. Even though you can improve to make new ones. But not now because you made another one five hours ago. This was all good. Everything will go well.

Can’t see the fruit.


Overall this is a fun game. I like the powers of the blades and the different dojos. However, while I have only one gripe with this game, it is a pretty major one. When using any blade other than the original blade (the one you start off with), the blade animations begin to gradually appear on the screen as you play the round. For example if I were using the pixel blade, more and more pixels would appear on my screen. And once the round ends, when you’ve hit a bomb or dropped too many fruit or whatever, the animations don’t go away. They’re there for every single game you play after that, and the only way I’ve found to get rid of them is by closing the window. The animations block your view of the fruit and make it really hard to avoid hitting bombs. Why is this feature there? Is it a glitch? I find this annoying and unnecessary and I hope it is removed as soon as possible.



I just love when a game adds 30 second ads after I play anything, when it didn’t have them before. Hooray for automatic updates. 30 seconds. That’s a great way to get an app deleted off my iPad. Good work you greedy turds. Bye.

All gone!


I was so far up ahead but when I opened the app today all my progress was gone and the only mode open was classic, along with all the introductions. I restarted my phone. I did everything I could. What happened????

Excellent game

im really frustrated

Hi, I LOVE this game but when you’re in a “dead zone” (that’s the space where your Wifi and LTE go totally dead) you have to spend your precious starfruit that you could be spending on those expensive blades, to get those slightly less precious power ups. Also, you have to spend money on BOTH digital currencies. WHY can’t you just spend gold apples on starfruit? That would be much easier.



It’s just great, that’s all I can say



It is so addictive

It is awesome


It is an awesome game everyone should play it