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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick



seriously, 30sec+ ads after every game? don’t have time for this!




Ads are keep getting longer


Noticed lately that ads are getting much longer than it used to be. It’s like 30+ seconds now compare to about 8-10 seconds before. Time to uninstall!


jhoss_boss add me

It’s a great and fun game to play. Good for all ages

Great game spoiled by ads


Like many games following a trend, the end of each match is interrupted by a full-screen video ad that you have to watch if you want to continue to play. This is disruptive and jarring. There is a payed version that may solve this, but I wouldn’t know. Ads like this were never necessary on the free version for years. Other than that, the game is pretty fun and I’ve always enjoyed it.

Can I pay to remove ads?


Live playing the game, but the frequency and length of ads is unbearable. I like to earn my tokens and power-ups, so I would never buy them. HOWEVER, I would gladly buy an ad-free version. Is that even an option? So, two stars to the app because of the ads, but 4 stars to the game.



I was play for a few second I didn't see a fruit BUT IT GIVE ME AS A MISSED FRUIT AND CAUSE GAME OVER! Please fix it quickly!

Great Game!


I have been playing Fruit Ninja, since I got my iPod. And that was in 2011. I like the two versions of the game. I also have Fruit Ninja on my iPad too.

Great... problems


This is a great app. But there Are a few problems. Between every single game I get an add. They are not that bad. But, this app will not let me exit until after 30 seconds. So, because it is between every single game I can’t play much, I only watch adds. Also, the fruits should be a bit mor visible. When it looks like a have cut every fruit it says I have not. Also, sometimes it will not cut the fruit. But other than that, this app is great and is very addicting.

Somewhat good Creator should take this idea in


I kinda think it is good but not because where’s online mode or other modes the classic has I mean like where’s the fun without online gameplay or anything and if there was make it fun I mean like Android has many things why can’t apple they have free fruit ninja HD but we can’t I mean what’s the point of having the game if there is barely fun