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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

They Took Everything

Bonnies biggest fan

I was so good years ago. i come back probably five years later and al my blades are gone! I probably had almost all if not all of them.

Fun but unenjoyable


Game is fun but your forced to watch ads after every game. I get ads, they need to make money and I have no problem with that. But the ads are way to long and way to often and they are often glitchy and force you to just close out the app. It’s too bad too cause I would like to play more often but don’t.



This is a fun game, but like all phone games, I play it to kill a minute here and there. When I spend half that minute watching some goofy ad, I’m reminded that I have better things to do.

I love this game but

#love fruit ninja

The real reason I stoped playing is because just got old I’ve been playing it for 5 years and had so much fun but I just growed out of it



Bought the game back in the day when it was two versions. Obviously I bought the full version and everything was unlocked. Now I see that there are crappy pay to win items like some golden blade you freeze fruit and get double points? Why? So to beat certain scores you’re asked to pay 10$... well game is ruined from its original. Not to mention I had most of the older blades unlocked along with most backgrounds. Again... pay to win with your bonus powers.

what’s wrong with it?

murtadha games

eh, I actually have no problem with the game at all. Some people say that this game is laggy and the blade is broken or something. Well I don’t have these problems, maybe because I have a good device. And also don’t blame the developers for the lag. Just get a better device thats all I could say. Also the update is cool but you have to unlock them again which is no problem. It is really easy to unlock zen and arcade and others. Just level up and that’s it. I love this game it’s very addicting.

I like the old one better

Brian A .

In my opinion I like the old one better it was funner I’ve had the old one on my iPod for 4 years it was better but the new one is good too. I’d get it if I were you. For those people who did not get to play it when it came out. You missed out on the best game ever!

So much ads


How can I remove ads?????? Can’t find the option anywhere



Best game I've played

Can I pay to remove ads?


Love playing the game, but the frequency and length of ads is unbearable. I like to earn my tokens and power-ups, so I would never buy them. HOWEVER, I would gladly buy an ad-free version. Is that even an option? So, two stars to the app because of the ads, but 4 stars to the game.