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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

What Happened

EV Robin

I bought the game a week ago, I had 3 blades, 2 new backgrounds, and 2,000 star fruit. When I went back into the game everything was gone. The levels I’ve unlocked are locked, the backgrounds, the star fruit and golden apples are gone, and my blades are gone.

Cool game


I had reached to level 30 and all of a sudden it has reached to level one I haven’t deleted the game but cool Game.

keeps crashin but i LOVE the gamr


app keeps crashing after i download it

Game Data

Shadow Dragon 2KD

I lost all my data for this game just because I didn’t play it for a day. This game is really stupid

Lost my data

Jaycup slither

Randomly lost all my data.. nothing I can do about it, just logged in one day and I’m back to 0. Awesome!

Ongoing issues keep resetting the progress


In the past month, my progress in the game has been reset back to level 1. Halfbrick Support said the bug is the game generating new guest ID’s. They have restored my account, but it keeps happening! It’s happened 5+ times. If this happens to you, use the support link (tap the cog settings icon, and then the “profile” button, then the support link in the bottom right corner) because this will create a message with data about your individual game at the end. This issue seems to be fixable, but be warned you may have to keep contacting them multiple times like I have. Normally, I like FN quite a bit— I dislike the amount of ads, especially for pharmaceuticals, and that certain content is paid-exclusive— but lately I’ve spent more time communicating with Mads and the support team than playing. I might just delete the app. Such a shame.

Love the game and it’s addicting buuuut


But even though it’s a great game it’s pretty disappointing that sometimes my backgrounds and blades ability’s will not work. For example my tidal wave background that usually does a 10 fruit mega wave hasn’t been working AT ALL when I play classic. Tbh it’s my favorite background and it’s really disappointing when you buy power ups and your blade and background don’t work. A waste is what I call it. I’m not sure if this is a bug or just something that was left unchecked so it slipped through the programming but I’d really appreciate it if it got fixed. It’s starting to annoy me into not playing as often. Thank you.

It’s not working for me.


Hello Halfbrick Studios. I was loading up Fruit Ninja ready to play it. I had a game circle account also. It would normally log into my game circle account whenever I went in the Fruit Ninja app. This time, it did not log into it. It also lost all my data I think. I tried to find ways on how to get back into my game circle account but nothing worked. May you please fix this? Thanks.

I hope this will be fixed


Let me say that I love playing this game on my free time. But when entering fruit ninja today I found out that my game had reset. I don’t know why this happened but I hope that this doesn’t happened for everyone else and that it gets fixed.

Restarted my game

Restart K

When I played this game I had reached level 18 which is pretty hard if you asked me. Then when I went on the app the next day of reaching level 18 it had restarted all my levels. Which made me super mad . But when looking at the game I enjoyed trying to beat me high score and boosting my levels.