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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

Use to be good


I buy the game and get ads??? After the ad i loose all sound to the game, so i have to restart the app. Not to mention i het a ad after every game. This game use to be awesome but no so much now.

Great game


Despite what the comments say it does not take months to unlock all the modes. Literally only took me and hour. Great game; love playing with my cat.



This app is so much fun! It is so entertaining and fun! You have to download this if you are bored and you want to play a new game just download this game it is so much fun!

Online multiplayer

MDW fire

Look straight up yall boys making all these other modes and stuff but the only way people gone fall back in love with this game is if yall add the online multiplayer stop with the shenanigans and gone head and make fruit ninja great again!

Idle heroes


Can someone please take idle heroes add off the fruit ninja app? Every time that video comes up I hit the tiny “x” in the corner but it won’t go away. It keeps taking me to download it & I don’t want it. I shouldn’t have to keep closing my fruit ninja app just to take the video off. It’s really annoying.

Nothing is personal anymore.


I hate the fact that just because I want to play this game, I have to give up a ton of personal information that gets collected about me and almost anything I do on this device! I am tired of companies trying to know more about me than I do!

I can not play it


I have a IPhone 7 and my phone is up to date it crashes no mater what

Great, but there are a few bugs


I love this game but after I played it for a while the sound totally DISSAPEARED. My iPad said the volume was at the max but I heard nothing. I tried a different game and the sound worked fine. So can I please get an explanation for that??

Deleted Stats


I was enjoying this game and had gotten up to the upper 20s in levels, had some cool gear - when I log in today and everything has been deleted as if I’m an all new player.


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No boring