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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

It’s the except.....


It’s really entertaining and pretty fun to play. It reminds me of when I was a lot younger. The only complaint I have is all the ads. You HAVE to watch them and it won’t let you exit until it’s almost done. It’s pretty annoying. Also, it used to be where you had to EARN your blades. Now you have to buy them. It’s frustrating and a little sad, but I really do enjoy the game. So, thank you. Parents, guardians, and siblings: Just so you know, some of the ads are really inappropriate for young kids. There are some disturbing images and violence. BE CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE SMALL CHILDREN.

Rapidly declining in quality.

Lisa Faveluke

Pop up ads after nearly every game, you now have to pay for the best sword in the game instead of winning it, every game mode now only gives 5 star fruit per 100 points, shamelessly plugging their other games. I remember when you needed skill, not money, to be the best at the game. It’s only gonna get worse.



This app is straight up garbage with adds popping up in ur face and the only online feature they have is pretty bad so if u like playing 1 arcade game over and over again with 2 ads I the middle of it THEN DOWNLOAD IT

I get about 25 bombs each round what ...


I like it but the game doesn’t even give that much fruit and it is impossible because you can’t slice the fruit inside the bombs

I like the old version


this was a good game but now it’s not. the bombs are way to big and you can’t cup one piece of fruit without getting the bomb too. overall i don’t like it

Good game


The second I started playing the game with amazing and everyone should have the gameπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

What I knew


I didn’t get a chance to play the game this time because of all the information they want from your phone. I was very surprised for the simple fact that it’s just a game that they would request this much information. They do let you know what the info is they would access from your phone but I didn’t want that so I deleted the app



I reached level 30 and now all of a sudden ALL my progress is gone even though it’s still connected to my account.

I LIKE THIS GAME but the classic blade...


This game is one of my favorites. But then, I was using the classic blade for a bit, but each time I took ny finger off the screen, the blade would disappear immediately. I hope a new patch fixes this.

Blade Transfer


Hello. I love fruit ninja but there’s one probable question how do I transfer my blades that I paid for to this Fruit Ninja edition.