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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

What happened?

a sad ninja

I don't know what went down in this last update but I've been bumped down to level 1 and all my blades and backgrounds are gone 😭😭 I can't even access any levels other than classic. What's happened?!??

Soo much fun don't listen to the other comments


Hi I wanted to tell who ever is reading this and wants to get the game, GET IT it is the most funiest game I ever played and I'm only 10 yrs old so I am very critical when it comes to like cringeworthy games and boring games and this game is NEITHER I love it soo much the only thing is that I want to know how to link it up to my keyboard. If HALFBRICK can plz tell me that would be so helpful. NOW GO GET THE GREATEST GAME EVER

Erased all my progress


I’ve been playing this for years and today all my progress and high scores were gone I refuse to start over bye fruit ninja so disappointed

Boring!! 😕😕


For like a week this game is fun but it is just the same stuff over and over and gets boring 😕😕. It takes forever to unlock new levels and it repeats the same challenges again and again. This game is boring so don’t bother getting it.

Good but...


It was an amazing game but when I updated my phone, all my progress was gone! The same thing happened to my friend and one of my other friends couldn’t even open the game! If this hadn’t happened, I would have rated 100 stars!

Nice some people were freezing and gonna download this.


This is a very nice game. Expecting all those blades and high scores and dojos. Trying to not freeze yourself in fruit ninja. I also really like this game because it has mini games. All the mini games games have different things. I Think there’s a lot more you can improve because you do you improve anything since March. Except for fixes and improvements. You should add new ones. Anyways this is a fun game. Even though you can improve to make new ones. But not now because you made another one five hours ago. This was all good. Everything will go well. So seriously what is with the hate? I was serious. It’s just awesome freaking awesome. Thank you for downloading the game. It’s very helpful game. And that’s it. I’m serious. Stop the hate. The hate is for bad.

Cheating game


It purposely doesn’t recognize when I swipe the screen. This game cheats like a motherlover

Not a bad game not a great game


Gets boring after a while


Gamer 1234512345

I used to really enjoy this game, but I’ve been having many problems with it lately. I’ve been restarted on level 1 at least 3 times in the last few months, two of which have been in the last two weeks. I thought problems with my phone and/or phone updates made me lose all of my (unsaved?) blades, dojos, etc.But now I see the last update was 19 hours ago. When I played 2-3 hours ago, I was on maybe level 15, but I’m back on 1 again and have to play to unlock all of the levels. This is ridiculous and very frustrating, and I’m debating about just deleting the game altogether.

Love it 😍


First of all, people need to stop being so nit picky about this game. It has changed over the years, but that’s just the editors trying to make it better. I feel like you people should give them a lot of credit for creating this amazing game that millions of people love. Getting on to the actual rating... I absolutely LOVE this game. I was playing for three hours straight one time, just because I was trying to beat my score. 😂 It’s very addicting. I love how satisfying it is when you slice the fruit. You should totally buy!!! 😍😍😍😻😻😻