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Fruit Ninja® is free iOS app published by Halfbrick

Better than I thought it was


Okay, so I don’t normally write reviews b/cuz they don’t really help any1 except for the people who obsessively scroll through the reviews to make sure that their app is AMAZINGly PERFECT, but JIN (just in case) I wrote this anyways... Pretty good app, actually. Better than I thought, WAY better, but that’s not a compliment to any1, b/cuz there r a lotta things that bug me about this app...😒😒😒 First of all

Fruit ninja glory days are long gone

New Doji Fan

Used to be such a simple pleasure to slice fruits on a phone. Now the main menu is an overblown visual and UI atrocity and there’s just too much in the game. it’s lost all its appeal for me, and i say that as someone who used to be hooked on this game back five years ago.



Too many permissions needed. That’s a no no.

Addictively good


This game really is a lot of fun it keeps you entertained and levels and fruits are every changing. I really enjoy playing multiplayer and being able to switch between blades and modes. I would say though that sometimes it can be pretty laggy and sometimes it does give you the correct amount of point. Other than that I really enjoy the game

I do not like it


When I am doing a challenge my opponent gets points for every single fruit that I slice

UPDATE- problem resolved!

a sad ninja

I left the following review a month ago and since then received the help of the fruit ninja support team! They were SUPER helpful and friendly and helped resolve the issue quickly. Thank you for turning this sad ninja back into a happy one!! 😁😁😁 I don't know what went down in this last update but I've been bumped down to level 1 and all my blades and backgrounds are gone 😭😭 I can't even access any levels other than classic. What's happened?!??



Fruit ninja was always a simple fruit game, but now with all these upgrades and new blades it’s become commercial and also these stupid ads pop up at the end of every game!! Fix this

Lost progress


Every few weeks I lose all progress I have made and it starts over on me.

Takes forever


I think it a great game the only thing is that it take forever to download


HAK Keck

So when my family got that first iPad, you know the thick charger one. We were all pretty excited. We got a few games, one of them being Fruit Ninja-it was an amazing game, we all loved it. Updates came, it was still great. New iPad, still fun. On my birthday I got my own iPad and just recently I remembered Fruit Ninja! I got it, I was super excited-THEN the whole temple thing came. I was still fine with it-until I had to slice the fruit a totally new way! Don’t get me wrong the 1, 2, 3, point Stuff is good, you can challenge how quick your brain is-BUT the instructions are horrible. It never ONCE tells you about the point stuff so I kept losing and had no idea why! I kept re-reading and reading and it made no sense. Just yesterday my friend figured it out; but seriously, please fix the instructions.