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Fruit Ninja Classic is paid iOS app published by Halfbrick

Where is Ghostbusters?


I bought this app specifically because you were advertising a Ghostbusters version! However it is nowhere to be found! I want my money back!!!!

What is this?


This new updated reset all progress. I was around level 56. And now I'm back to 1? Whats the point of having the game if you're gonna reset our progress?

Don't get

Coin pillow




Interesting Weapons! This app could be great! I had 2 iPads to share at times with my younger brother! On the red iPad, it was great! I'm getting really good at this! At the blue iPad, I really don't know if it might download, some of the apps can not work on the blue iPad! I'm kinda Excited this app worked perfectly for me!

Awesome Game


Halfbrick the next time you come with a update in fruit ninja classic please put a new fruit in the game and let the new fruit be cherries that's one fruit you forget to put in the game that's not only my favorite fruit but in this game cherries in fruit ninja would be awesome so please do that in the next update and instead of the app icon being a watermelon let the icon picture be a cherry because if you put cherries in the game that should be the app icon because it's a new fruit so please do that in the next update peace

Extra Blades and Dojos


This is awesome. The star fruit and golden apples are removed, and you can turn your star fruit and golden apples into experience, and get to level 100 for that, but it does NOT effect Fruit Ninja Free. There are a lot of new blades and dojos, and some of the normal dojos do different things. So, it has no in app purchases, but new blades and dojos. Nice!

The pause button


The pause button barely works. It's hard to pause when I want to.



This game is great it is so fun to unlock all the blades! But I think they should make a head swipe vr fruit ninja! It could be 180 or 360!! That would be so awesome! Please consider this!!!!!!!! Also I know there is a version for non mobile vr so it would be so awesome for mobile!! This game is so awesome ❤️ halfbrick.

Puss in Boots Fruit Ninja......


Please make PIB fruit ninja compatible with iOS 11!

Best game ever 👍👍👍


It is a really good app, but it needs a sequel like veggie ninja. 👍