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Fruit Ninja Classic is paid iOS app published by Halfbrick

I’m confused


So, I was just playing one day and it got laggy, then I started deleting some games so this can run a bit better. I then accidentally delete this game. (I had a account so I can log back in). Then I downloaded again and tried logging in. I couldn’t, a day before this happened, I also bought 150 of each power up which costed 3 dollars. And it wouldn’t let me restore purchases . This is a fun game overall, but other than that I gave it a 4 star because of that incident. It also made me a level 1 and I worked very hard to get level 40. Which sucked. But I still love this game with all my heart.



I rember playing this for hours everyday im only nine now but still played everyday I’ve asked my seven year old friend about this he didn’t know get this game back Ps.Thanks for making my childhood great

It’s all great but...

AmazingDino 456

The year was 2012-2013 and there was online multiplayer. I was amazed as a little kid that you can play with other people around the world! But the one day... it just vanished. I got sad and I wanted for it to come back. Somewhere between 2015-2016 I get a message in the game while I was choosing a blade and if I remember it looked like you were going to bring online multiplayer but all that came was beating CPU’s. I love this game but I would love I even more if you add online multiplayer back and thank you.

This game


This game won’t even let me in to the game. This game is trash because I cannot get a new high score my high score is 7,000. This game is super laggy and glitchy This game should die and go to the under world. By:puppylover2009.



Maybe you should be able to buy levels like star fruit in the other game? Just a suggestion



My favorite game since 2010

Too many bombs


Way too many bombs. Plus it seems like the game tracks where your fingers are on the screen and puts a bomb right there so you automatically hit it .


Harambe Blob

Ok, app is great, except im mad because they took fruit ninja vs skittles off of the app store, i REALLY want to play it again but i cant

Good App

Calix Lechadores

Slicing The Ninja Is Fun The Juicy

Fruit Ninja Classic


Hello My Name is Jeremy And I Play 2 Mouth Ago A Fruit Ninja Classic Got NO ADS, so be awesome!

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