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Fruit Ninja Classic is paid iOS app published by Halfbrick



ᑎOT ᗯOᖇKIᑎG ᗩT ᗩᒪᒪ

I Love Fruit Ninja!

One and only CocoG

My other review was from a while ago. I am SO happy they got rid of all that stupid star fruit and now you can just play the game like it was supposed to be! I think all that star fruit stuff is crap and that you should earn the blades by doing stuff. I have been playing Fruit Ninja since it came out all those years ago and then when they released the star fruit I stopped playing Fruit Ninja. Thank you Halfbrick Studios for removing star fruit!



Every time I click I mean slice watch the app crashes. Also can you make the app more fun?

Swords aren't working, so many bugs


So many new blades!! Oh, sorry, did I say blades? I meant bugs. So many new bugs. Comet blade no longer creates the gravity waves Piano blade gets rid of bananas instead of turning them into frenzy bananas If I get a notification, like low battery, the game will think my fingers are where ever they had been when it popped up, and sparks or stars or what ever visual effect of the blade I was using will stay flying out of the spot. It will only go away when I force quit the app. If I used two fingers, the game will act like I'm using four and switch apps. Then when I come back, the game thinks I'm still touching my fingers there and will tap or cut anything underneath until I force quit the app. This has happened when I'm only using one finger a few times as well. Also, as someone on level 54, I would like to be able to earn more blades when I reach new levels. There's a blade on level 60 and level 100. It's just not as fun.

Best game

Fake copied from other game

Best game for ios😁

Extra game modes??


I’ve always been a fan of fruit ninja.. one of my favorite games to pass the time on my phone. However I recently redownloaded it after a while and I only have a classic mode? I don’t see arcade mode or anything else anywhere

Swords aren't working


No new swords or dojos and some of the swords aren't working. Please fix. Also I'm at level 51, where's the fun in playing when I only have one more thing to unlock?

Online multiplayer


Why is online multiplayer gone?!?!?



It loads halfway when I open it and crashes everytime please fix this

Ruined it


I lost all my blades and backgrounds. I had every blade I worked so hard for them then the update came and there went years of work and effort. I do not recommend this app