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Fruit Ninja Classic is paid iOS app published by Halfbrick

To the ppl


Don’t ask for new game modes it’s the old version with extra bug fixes ask the question on the new fruit ninja thx for listening

I don’t agree with the terms so they are refusing me to play!


You should Be allowed to play even though you disagree with the terms and conditions!!! No one should be locked out of a game for resuming to agree with something they don’t!!!



Finally came back and started to enjoy the game again. I have the weekend off and it won't open. It just crashes. I'm so frustrated I decided to write a review.

You guys blew it.

[!Ghost in the Machine!]

I’ve played Fruit Ninja almost since the beginning. Over six years. But you just locked the game behind a new privacy policy that I cannot, in good conscience, agree to. So I reluctantly bid this game farewell and hope that some day the Halfbrick team realizes that fun with too many strings attached isn’t really fun at all.

Your update caused it to glitch!


Please FIX THE APP. Every time I hit the app to access it, I get the HALFBRICK picture and then it goes away. I can't play the game. Your update messed it up. 😕

This used to be one of my favorite games


5/2018 Update: This game is still way worse than it used to be. On top of my prior complaints, now I’ve lost all of my blades and dojos and the game is just about unplayable on the iPhone X due to the swipe gestures. Now no multiplayer, stupid IAP, and ads. Ads? I payed for this game and it's been completely ruined and unplayable. Here's a good example of a game that has been completely ruined by freemium.

Love this game but....


I really really love this game but i would love it if u can bring event items such as the bat blade into the classic fruit ninja.I think a lot of people play both free and payed version and I think people would love to bring event items from the free version to the paid version.

Awesome game, needs cherries!


Great game. Always loved it. Cherries are a great fruit. Cherries are the best fruit. Not fake cherries. The best cherries. Please add cherries.

Mini games

Too much work to read the news

I love fruit ninja! My only problem with this version is that my favorite part of fruit ninja was the mini games. Please bring them to this version!

What's the difference?!


Between the classic & non-classic versions?