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Fruit Ninja Classic is paid iOS app published by Halfbrick

πŸπŸŒπŸ’πŸŽπŸ‡Amazing game!!!!!πŸ€—

Kelsey space girl

Could not stop playing it I love the different dojos especially the wave one!!!

Comet Blade

K5 smurf extra perfect

This is my favorite blade and it doesn't work anymore. Please fix this it is a good blade but it stopped working.

Bring back the Starfruit!


And can you guys get rid of what's-his-face going "Let's smash a different mode today!"? Seriously. He won't leave me alone.

I still enjoy the game, however...


My biggest concern is that the first way one could earn the Golden Ember Blade was to beat these 5 characters in a duel match and BOOM the blade is yours, now the only way to earn it is to reach level 100 which is outrageous. I just leveled up to 43 and so now I have to wait 57 more level ups until I'm able to unlock it, otherwise to get it instantly one has to pay $9.99 for it and it just happens to be the most expensive item there. Now I understand people that make these game have to include in-app purchases or adds at worse to make money. My only request is that the duel tournament should be brought back to earn the Golden Ember blade so that it's more likely that player can earn it. My sister who is a level 42 (probably 43 where I'm at) was lucky to catch that duel tournament and won the blade and still has it after all of the recent updates that came before now. I don't think $10 is worth it for the blade.

RIP Full Version

Minecrafter SV

Doesn't get updated. Halfbrick has given up on this full version. First they remove online multiplayer, then they stop updating. Don't buy this. Play the free one. Ads appear here too.

Waste Purchase

Natsume Kaze

I have just purchased Fruit Ninja after 2 years of free version, and i see that it was a totally waste! The free version is 2.4.4 and the purchased version is 2.3.8. So if i want to join the XMas Event, i must have Free version on my gadget. 2 copies of 1 game on 1 gadget? So what the point to purchase this game?

When is the next update coming out?


I reached level 100 and expected to go further. The special blades and Dojo's should also be unlockable without having to spend money.

Great Game!


I like the game a lot. There are certain things about that are odd. For example, why is the free version different from the paid one. It should be the same. A winter theme needs to be done for the paid version.

Backwards Business


I don't even remember buying the Fruit Ninja app (I think it may have been one of or maybe the first purchase I made when I got an iPhone), but I feel like it's stupid to have two versions of a game and the free version is the one that gets the content. That's a backward business model if I ever saw one. I love in-app events! I don't mind paying a little bit every few months for something small. I'd be so down for the winter event if it was available on my version! But it's not, so Halfbrick has lost a surefire paying customer.

Downward spiral


What does ghostbusters have to do with fruit ninja?