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Fruit Ninja Classic is paid iOS app published by Halfbrick

New version message??


For some unknown reasons every time I open this game, it says that there is a new version of it? Is there or is there not?

Old version


People such as myself miss the old version, when the game was First released. You should add the old version to the game and allow the people to chose if they wish to play the new or old version because the new version of the game is just ridiculous and boring... the old version was challenging and was more intense because you had to be good at the game in order to get a good score than getting spoon fed and getting points as if it's something that should happen.

Ok, what happened...

Lillian the boss 22

I liked this game, with starfruit, and all the different blades that you could get in any order you wanted, and now you can't even play without having to think about the different blade abilities. I don't get what happened, I really don't...

It doesn't work


I bought it and to this day it will not allow me to download it I'm so mad I waisted two dollars on this I could have fed three families with that!

Glitchy game

Saddened slicer

After two or three games it would always kind of lag then freeze can you please fix this.

I used to love this


So I downloaded the new version And looked. I didn't have any blades. Apparently you have to be a certain level to get the blades. They took away the fun challenges in the old game that actually made the game fun. Instead you have to play for an hour to get a blade instead of completing a fun challenge. Also why are there characters in this???????? I liked the old game and I would like for them to put back fruit ninja to the glory days. It was only a matter of time before they ruined it.?

Great game!


This game is awesome! I love the power the blades have. Can really release the juices with these blades.

What happened?


Seriously, this used to be a really fun app but now it's a shameless money grab. "Here's our big Ghostbusters update!!!...*cough cough* but it's $5 *cough cough*."

Chainsaw blade?


Yet another update that those that have purchased the game still have to buy the new blades and dojos. Way to try to milk every cent out if the users Halfbrick.

The dark ages have come


This game used to be so good, pay a few dollars for one of the best apps on the App Store. Now? It's a piece of trash app that has no dignity anymore. This version became what seems like 2.0 with cash grab, but no, they ruined it. They ruined it hard. The worst part? The fact they kept game breaking micro transactions? The blades are near impossible to get and are now power ups instead of just a cool blade? No, I think the worst part is the fact that they left the PAID version for the FREE version, that's right. They are going to deny the train wreck they have made out of the paid version, and ruined the last bit of dignity it had left. The free version had no transactions and was basically the 1.0 game. Now it's a cash grab trash fest. They also decided not to have events on paid anymore, you have to pay for them now. DO NOT BUY THIS APP OR THE FREE VERSION!