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Fruit Ninja Classic is paid iOS app published by Halfbrick

Not the game it used to be


Over the years the design decisions have worn the game down. It's gone from a fun little time consumer to an over-milked, micro-transaction cash cow. And just a personal disagreement, who would ever support the new ghost busters movie?



Can i get my refund for the ghostbusters backround please untill i will rate 3 stars

One of my favorite games but


Really love game but two bugs.1, soap blade still levels fruit juice on dojo wall and 2. No more gravitational anomalies. Please fix this cause I loved the comet blade. P.s people who think the blades are just power ups are dumb. Their actually power ups and cool blades. ???????????????????

Please change it back to how it was...

Gold Frie

Look, I know you need to make money, but this isn't the right way... Make the game like $3 or something, but don't do this. Please go back to how it originally was, without levels, without power ups, without xp... Please, bring back the good Fruit Ninja, the ORIGINAL Fruit Ninja.

A Game That Keeps On Getting Worst…

Wat? Nickname?

I used to love fruit ninja, with the simple gameplay and great graphics I got addicted quickly. Then came in star fruit, where all of your blades started to cost this fruit currency that was hard to obtain. And now they remove ALL OF THAT AGAIN, and this is where the levels randomly appear. I personally think these are better than star fruit, but it's almost impossible to level up. So please bring back the original fruit ninja that we remember!



I re-downloaded the app for my new iPhone and I was instantly unimpressed with the changes. It's not what I originally paid for and if I knew it would come to this, I would have kept my money. The app even tells you to get the free version if you miss the old app...

Progress Lost

That Theatre Kid

All of my progress was lost! Now I don't even want to play any more because there's no point if I'm just trying to get back to where I was!



So im able to download the app and i have the correct ios to run the game,but everytime i open the app it almost immediatly crashes and is un-playable so please fix your app

Latest update lost all progress & power-ups (AGAIN)


The latest update reset all my progress (from level 17 to level 1) and removed all my power-ups (I had 120+ of each, and they all reset to 0). This isn't the first time Halfbrick has done this, either: *All* my Halfbrick games' progress was wiped out a few months back during a major update push. If I can't keep my progress from update to update, no point in playing the games anymore.

Fruit ninja free is better


Wow they really need to make this like fruit ninja free don't buy this it gets boring. Fruit ninja free is so much funner. I love Ghostbusters that's why I got this but I should of bin playing fruit ninja free.