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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Everyone’s friend list is full!


When I try to add people to my friend list it says that everyone’s friend list is full. And it’s not just one person: it’s every person that I picked. Please fix this! Why does everyone have friends already!? Am I doing something wrong? Again please fix this!

Content is not fun


So I’ve been playing since launch, and it used to be fun at first. The most fun part of the game are the “trials” in which you have to build a team to take on a boss and win and there are certain win conditions for extra rewards. It used to be a lot of fun tackling these bosses but the game has progressed so much with power creep that you need a whole mess of convoluted buffs and debuffs squished into you 5 man team on top of wonky mechanics in which you must follow a guide to not die. The characters used to go up to 5 star in level, and now progressed to 6, 7, and now “Neo Vision”. It is a mess of redundancy in order to max your characters out. When you pull a new “neo vision” or NV unit they don’t just come out the box at max power. Their system requires that you get “unit fragments” and “transcendent pearls” to unlock extra levels “EX” on your characters to get access to their “Brave Shift” or BS. Their BS will have another moveset that sometimes you need to unlock their full potential and you need to get a second of said NV to break down to unlock a characters EX+1 and get their BS. Now you also need to farm “brave insignias” to level up their moves to be their strongest version. That’s a whole extra mess. Oh and characters that already were released and get a NV awakening, you need 7 copies of to unlock... the 5 star rate is now 10% but there’s over 150 base 5 star units soooo... If you’re wondering about playing this game, do yourself a favor and try something else. The game is a mess right now. If you want Final Fantasy for nostalgia play something like Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia that is also a turn based RPG gacha game but has significantly less confusing and redundant way to progress your characters.

I missed the kingdom hearts event

by ghbydjn

So I downloaded this game specifically to get sora and cloud but my download finished the day after the event ended and i was wondering if you could send a complimentary Sora to Cloud817 and I know it sounds stupid but I am only 14 so I can’t really make good sentences but please it would mean a lot to me. Thanks

Just Admit This Is Great


Since July 2016 until the day the app disappears I’ll maintain with increasing admiration, sheer enjoyment and fantastic memories that this truly deserves to be recognized as a versatile yet faithful rendition of a FF universe, that I’ll purchase whenever I can(I’m unemployed and poor?), play as much as possible and honestly feel extremely blessed for such an uncanny adventure it truly has not only received the most dedicated hours of play of any of my FF excursions( I got a platinum trophy for FF13?), this incredible play through is a must for any FF fan in the world. ‘Nuff said...

Games going downhill, fast

unsatisfied customer 000

Less support, many cheaters, more bugs, longer maintenance (and unexpected maintenance due to devs inability to program a fair or functional game), lower drop rates, no longer guaranteed units when using x amount of Lapis (in game currency), less innovation in events, just rinsing a repeating the same thing, week, after week, after week. The latest Neo Vision units are also extremely convoluted and new player unfriendly. I’ve been playing since launch and very close to uninstalling and calling it quits, after four years. Just avoid games associated with gumi all together.

Was amazing but now eh

izac [email protected]

I’ve been playing this game for over 2 years now and it use to be fun, in the current state it’s been getting boring and the poor management doesn’t help.

Account was deleted?!


I really enjoyed the game itself, however, because of a glitch in the game my original account linked to Facebook was unusable and was forced to start over with a guest account. I’ve played my guest account for over two years, collecting rare and limited units and equipment. I haven’t been able to play for months, but finally logged in only to realize my guest account simply disappeared. My data is completely gone. Don’t waste your time like I did.

Poor costumer service

Cruis Suguimati

I’m starting to “hate” one of my favorite mobile games... FFBE and WOTV have the WORST costumer service ever! Shame on you

Been playing for years now...

The Chomp

... by far and away my favorite game I’ve ever played on mobile. Definitely a nostalgia overload!