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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.



Great game. Terrible, greedy company. Anything that benefits the player will be nerfed and fixed ASAP. Bugs? If it doesn’t hinder profit, it can wait. Edit: Still a pretty terrible, greedy company, but the game is still very much enjoyable with the current 4th anniversary and the arrival of Neo Vision.

Anti-consumer Practices


Game consistently puts profits over a compelling game experience. There was a recent bug that allowed players to max out their Gil. They removed the bug and gave us 2/5ths of a single summon worth of lapis in compensation. Players that maxed their Gil got to keep it. All supposedly for our 4 year anniversary. What a joke. Won’t be spending anymore.

0 care for players


Emergency maintenance to fix something benefiting the player, but weeks to fix anything hindering. Then you think 200 lapis makes up for the imbalance of some people getting 200M gil? That's not even on the same scale. What a horrible anniversary, the game just gets slower and more grind heavy.

Fix what you broke


1 star until they fix or compensate for the Gil crap

Disappointing treatment


The recent Gil snapper move was a very low blow. Gil is not even a monetized resource for the company. To split the community into two groups, those who were able to enjoy the accidental wealth and those who were shafted, feels bad. I may only be a lower tier spender, to the tune of a hundred or so a week, but I’m going to have to speak with a closed wallet for awhile now.



Some 4th anniversary this turned out to be... I wasted well over 100k in lapis trying to pull for neo visions cloud and rain. And then this fiasco with the Gil snapper towers being revoked... I’m going free to play from now on and I won’t be spending a dime anymore on any of Gumi’s games. I have already dropped War of the Visions, Brave Frontier, and Brave Frontier 2.... I’m severely close to dropping this one and asking for a refund as well unless you guys get it together and get your head out of your ass and listen to what your fan base wants instead of lining your greedy pockets while putting out a subpar game performance.

Fix game please


Game keeps crashing and I tried deleting the game and reinstalling it now it wont let me re sign in to my Facebook.. please fix it I’m trying to get the Neo V Aerith!

Handling of bugs and issues


Game was going off a good start during its anniversary until they made a mistake in one of its exchange shops. Many players abused this bug for the 1.5 hours it was up that allowed them to obtain max GIL (Gil is very annoying to obtain and is needed everywhere) and when the FFBE team tried to fix this, they allowed people who abuse this bug to stay and keep the GIL, but everyone else who didn’t abuse the bug when they had the chance was just thrown out the window without and compensation for the bug. Saying sorry doesn’t help with anything when the issue is still there. With the way the bug was handled, now you have a small subset of people who abused this bug be happy and a HUGE subset who are discontent.

Bad support


Bad support

Don’t play this game


The developers for this game have proven time and again that all they care about is taking your money. They continuously screw their player base over while simultaneously pushing expensive and outright overpriced bundles for you to purchase.