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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Treats players horribly


The treatment of players in this game has gotten worse. Mistakes that benefit the player are immediately fixed. They even shut the server down when they realized the put a way to get maximum Gil so they could patch it. I remind everyone that Gil is not the currency that can purchase units, expand slots, or get ahead in events. So even if everyone had maximin Gil it wouldn’t hurt their bottom line. However, other glitches and issues like the friends list are left unadressed for years since it doesn’t impact their profit. The released NeoVision units and there are tons of bugs and issues. Did they shut the server down to fix those. No. Because it doesn’t increase their profits. If I could give a zero star review I would. Apparently they hired people from this game to work on Madden 21 cause I heard it was awful. Look up R/ffbraveexvius on reddit for the plethora of issues and complaints.

Predators and Liars


Gumi has brought shame to the name of Final Fantasy that Square has worked for decades to build upon. I have played this title since launch and over time they have evolved from predatory services to flat out lying and misleading their players. This includes changing data on character units and purchases AFTER they have been made or release. Over the past year it has become an increasingly common practice for them to leave gamebreaking bugs unchecked while misleading their customers. Square should sever ties with Gumi due to their actions and terrible automated customer service. I do not recommend this title, no matter how avid a Final Fantasy fan you may be. Spend your time and money where it is appreciated.



Any FF game or game from Square I'll give 5 stars. Update: What’s with all the random data downloads? It happens so much that it takes away the fun of actually playing the game. Why don’t you have 1 massive download like everybody else then update when you update the software. I don’t understand why I have to download data on every single screen I go into. Fix your game Square, please? It wasn’t like this before.



This game is so cool, the characters and abilities look amazing! I love the style, art, and fast paced flow of the battles! Awesome!

Just another loot box/gacha game


Japan players get way more benefits than global players but they do this in most games they release from japan. I guess this makes this a racist gaming company. Game looks great but treating players unequal is pure wrong.

GUMI is bad


GUMI intentionally scams their customers using their IP rights & disappointed Final Fantasy would give scammers legitimacy by doing a collaboration with them. BFH was a scam & GUMI won’t even allow discussion of it on their Discord.

Better than Raid and summoners war


Literally my title says it all no greed in this game unlike Polarium and com2us square Enix isn’t greedy after all they actually know that their doing

Downloads are annoying.


The game itself is alright but having to slowly download 800MB of data via multiple loading screens Is really annoying and I don’t want to play anymore. Phones have 500gb of storage now. Can’t you find a way to store all game resources onto physical storage?

Fun and Nostalgic with Gamebreaking Bugs


If you love Final Fantasy, you’ll probably enjoy this game. Unfortunately every decision made by the developer has the bottom line in mind - NOT the player. Bugs that accidentally benefit players are identified and patched within hours. Any other bugs—including ones that cause the game to become literally unplayable—get added to a “list.” That list is basically the Devs saying “eh we’ll get to this whenever we want which could be 2 weeks or 7 months from now.” Unless they sweep it under the rug and pretend it doesn’t exist which also happens frequently. Since the underlying game itself is actually fun, I’ll be happy to upgrade my rating to 4 or even 5 stars as soon as they get a halfway decent QA team Lastly, don’t fall for the shady loot box psychology. This game is 100% playable without spending a dime, but all the shiny flashing lights and RNG mechanics are designed to get you to open your wallet. It’s not necessary to spend anything to enjoy this game

Cool game


It’s a great game but my only problem is that they make the ffbe characters better than the other ff characters I think characters like squall , cloud , zidane and tidus should be one of the more powerful characters but that’s my opinion the game has to many characters to begin with you guys should give a period where all the old characters come back like the kh characters to help free to play players and beginners a chance to equal the playing fields and give them a fighting chance in the arena and also enhance their the gaming experience also give vortex events for different rate of players most of them can only be completed by elite players or paid players I love the game overall it’s pretty good just needs a few tweaks