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Facebook Keeps Crashing
Dave 713

Facebook keeps crashing when I am in the most recent shortcut. When I scroll down to the same place, it then crashes on my iPad 5..

Latest update 1/12/18

Lots of bugs in this update. App crashes if I click on a link to an outside link (such as a news article). The app did not do this prior to this update. Please fix!

Latest update causes crashes

Just downloaded the latest update today now Facebook just crashes good job!

Not working well on the 12 inch iPad Pro

The app doesn’t work well on my 12 inches iPad Pro.

Please help everyone out!?!

You need to figure out why Facebook crashes so much. It's really frustrating! Especially when u are into something and then CRASH!!! Please figure this big issue out!

Facebook is lousy!

When it first started I thought it was great. I had hundreds of friends. But people post only a cleansed version of themselves. It really is Fakebook. Some of the guys I went to college with are the funniest people I know. And they still are -in person. But you’d never know it on FB. I grew tired of posts that said, “I woke up this morning, ran 27 miles, ate a vegan breakfast, made 3 million dollars before 10 am, etc., etc.”. The extreme political views and unnecessary comments that people make are a joke. I’ve culled my “friends” down considerably. Also, I don’t see many posts and many of my posts are not seen. Facebook has informed me that I need to get more friends in order to see all posts. ??? I didn’t know that there was a quota on Facebook..... and one other thing: I deleted many posts, but Facebook retains EVERYTHING you put on it. There is no such thing as “deletion” on Facebook.

Facebook Support
Facebook Rookie

The help from Facebook is very poor! I need assistance with my page and I cannot find anyone to contact.

Scroll and crash
Jessica R.R

New IOS 11 update and all you do is crash. Update!


Crashing nonstop with recent update

facebook drama queens

bella 9613, get a life and grow up. OBVIOUSLY this is why its called facebook! because everyone and anyone can do whatever they want over social media regardless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep your drama and neggative feedback to yourself if you hate facbook soo much to bash on it , the solution is simple! ERASE IT & move on! facebook is global. this is comming from a facebook creator. we commit to making facebook the best for everyone. how about you focus on an actual social life & deal with it.. i just waisted 30 minutes of work waisting my time on you.

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