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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.

Lookin amigo near?


What if looking for new friends like a closer friends on location on recommend then on and off lol. And miles 0-100mil because public requesting is all I see is fake profile every time they add me. I would love if people add me if only in closer 😃👥 like I saw near by friends only but I rather people add me on miles and closer for recommend.

Constant Notifications I Disabked


I’m seeing this issue on other people’s phones as well. I’m getting notifications about people uploading photos and posting to their timeline and I don’t have these notifications turned on. You can’t even choose to not receive these notifications in the app.

Minds is the social media we’ve been waiting for


See their code - what’s novel idea. No cheating, stealing or lying going on there. Minds app is free, ethical, and your info is whatever you decide it to be. No censoring, ghost blocking or shaming and free speech is welcome.

No notifications!


I haven’t received any notifications for days. I think your last update sucked!

Notifications not working


Notifications do not show up at all with this latest update! The only way I can see them is by logging into a computer.

Will they let you see this review?


I’ve found Facebook rapacious and greedy over the years. They put me off by their pecuniary priorities SO MUCH that I never feel like using them. Other letdowns too. They are also faceless. I will change my opinion and maybe buy through them if I get a personal apology from the CEO or a director of fb and a proposal for simplifying their operation and proposals for making it more human and one to one based. G Thomas MBA

My account has been hacked by people selling sex!


I have done everything that your that your worthless help support people have told me to do. But they tell me that they are not violating your community policy so they keep hacking my friends requests and they don’t even have a connection to any of my friends or family. So are they paying you to get my information and hack into your client lists? Great I just want to say thank you Mark for exposing me and my family and friends to all of the perverts in the world! Hey Mark I bet that your wife and children would like to meet these people!

Acres dispensary Las vegas NV


Very knowledgeable emplyees. Wonderful experience

They don’t help with Instagram hacked


Facebook owns Instagram, they will not recover my hacked IG even though I have given all information for them to see it’s my account.

What the heck are you doing??!


What on earth is the deal with posting a comment? Th keyboard comes up split with the post in between and it is ridiculously small on my iPad. Horrible idea! Trying to chase people away?