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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.



Every30seconds the app shuts down suddenly you should find solution for this problem...



Fix it now.

What Tonya said! ☝️


I’m SICK of everything she said. I’m one of a handful that still even messes with Facebook anymore. I have to visit instagram and I’ve switched to Twitter and am checking out other options. Tumbler.

Disabling account with no reason!!

ابو مطرقة سيرفر ٢٣

And no answer from Facebook, I’ve been trying many times to contact you and no answers. Just like that you disabled my account. I’m so disappointed n upset !

Live video audio cuts out please fix this!

Paige Angela

When doing a live video the audio cuts out after about 20 seconds. So if anyone is watching from the app. they can’t hear you or if they go back to watch a re-play the cannot hear you. This is very frustrating! Please fix this!

The Good Ole Days!


Really wish that I could delete All of the updated versions of Facebook and simply go back to the original Facebook!!!!!

Facebook watch is crap!!!


Facebook watch is absolute crap!!! I don’t want to watch 10 seconds of a video and then be redirected to new page. And then when trying to get back to the homepage, you get sent back to the top and the feed reloads with new content. I want to seamlessly scroll through my newsfeed and watch videos all in one place. I do not want to have to listen to food videos, which you are forced to with Facebook watch. There is not even a mute button. How are you supposed to use this in public?! Why continue to add clunky features that make the process harder?! Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Won’t work at all


My app will only open for 10 seconds then crash.



Zuckerburg sits on booster seats



Too much memory on my phone