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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.

It’s so effed


Where to start. First: BRING BACK GROUPS APP. PERIOD. I want it. I need it. I’ll use your platform more if I could drop in and check my book club and podcast community in 2 minutes without any other distractions. Second: You think your algorithm is so smart. Well, it feels really dumb. I want to mute certain people, pages, and ads (which I know affect$ you), and I want to see certain people and pages, and the occasional ad. I want today’s ads, and certain people’s posts no matter when the last time was that I interacted with then on your platform. That is the part you haven’t figured out yet. Bring back Friend Lists. Make them more prominent. Then pay attention to that. Third: I DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO KNOW THE LAST TIME I WAS ONLINE. Until you remove that feature or allow users to opt-out I’m not using messenger. Let us control EVERY ASPECT of our privacy. I have some very good reasons for not wanting certain Fb contacts to know this. It’s so 2009 of you, Fb; grow up.

Cant load News Feed


idk why but all of a sudden, i have problems w loading my news feed on the app. i restarted my phone many times since i thought that maybe its just my phone bc sometimes it becomes slow and i even deleted and re-downloaded the app and nothing worked. i went back and forth w my wifi and my data but its still not loading. it only stops to a certain amount of posts and then it wont load anymore. I am unable to scroll more to the bottom. Now it got worse since i can also see two posts and thats it, it wont load and it shows the loading circle processing but it doesnt at all

Fix bug


Unable to see how many friends I have in FB. When I go to friends page it shows how many friends they have, but when I go to my profile you only see my friends, but doesn’t show how many friends I have. So annoying.....

It’s good and stuff but..


So I like Facebook but I don’t have the marketplace feature on there anymore. I had it before and when I checked recently, it disappeared so I’m just wondering where it went. My others friends still have it so idk if it’s something I did, if so how do I fix it?

Fùck This Shìt


Deactive your account and save your life. Thank me later.

Cierre automático


Con la nueva actualización solo abro la app y se cierra ella sola. La borre y la instale e igual.

A joke!


Honestly, this is the worst app or site I’ve used in my 21 years online. I think we’ve been so conditioned into believing we absolutely need a FB or there’s something wrong with us, that we’re unable to objectively judge its usability or worth outside the subjective. I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve written/dictated, really long posts, that have completely disappeared into space. Too many. I’m done w/ it. They’ve done it to me one too many times now.

App crash on my IPhone X

Ahmed Al-Eqaby

I’ve tried many solutions like restarting my phone , removing the app and reinstall it, but still have the same problem,, This happened today

Frequently crashes

Sumaiya yesmin Orpita

Frequently crashes!!!

Fix crash thing


I keep going to my notifications when I have notification and it keeps crashing please fix it and please let us pick our own color on Facebook I love the app thank u