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Can't or won't help!


I see even trying to leave a review is a nightmare if FB is involved

Facebook Marketplace Unavailability


I’m so very disappointed in the FB marketplace being unavailable with no indication whatsoever of the length of time you have to wait before you can use it!! I have made a new Facebook account and it’s been 1.5 months and still don’t have it. Help page just says that newer accounts have to wait for the access, but no telling how long that is! How long is the wait? Is there other criteria I need to meet? No info whatsoever. Christmas is coming up and I want to have Marketplace available!

Crashes upon opening




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They take stuff off they don’t agree with like conservative posts they also put you in “Facebook jail” if you use words like kill or if they don’t agree with something you said. facebook is a leftist company with a leftist agenda they are bad

Bullying me and harassment for my life,family and friends


Hi I Kimberly Humphrey have never been treated like this today before in my life today and I’m sorry to hear about that Facebook app account for me today please thanks for everything you have to do today please thanks again thanks for everything I appreciate your prayers and support for me today please thanks bye love ya Facebook app account cause I don’t know what exactly happens when you guys get it fixed it is good for me and I’m good for y’all I promise you guys don’t even know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m the one person who has been google app account for me today and I’m not going on a date with my friends and family and I love my family friends and ya know that lol omg



No me deja entra

Facebook Marketplace problems.


When trying to search marketplace, sometimes the search bar does not show up. Also while looking up vehicles, when inputting years, the number will not input into the year boxes. They automatically input a number or will not input a number at all.

Poor performance and constant halts with Marketplace


You really need to address the app issue you have - if I spend 10 minutes in Marketplace with my iPad, the app halts and/or reboots the iPad 5 - 10 times. I have the iPad up to date as well as the FB app. I do not have this problem on the laptop or iPhone nor with other apps on the iPad. Please fix your problem!!!

Can’t search in groups


I’m trying to search for things already posted about in some groups, but it says “no results” even when I KNOW there are past posts on the topic!


Ki ia shocked

I never experience such hacking, i contacted support team nothing was done !!! I’m going to pursue this !! 4 diff countries and cities hacked into my act