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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.

Notifications do not update


This app seems to lack the basic function of what the site is supposed to be

Forced usage of Marketplace


I hate this app. It keeps trying to push me to use Marketplace by adding notifications of things I haven't subscribed to, and every time I turn off notifications for it, it adds back the notifications. Also it keeps recommending me things I don't care about. Why can't I just turn this feature off?

Not Chronological New Feed


Hate the new algorithm that makes you not be able to see posts from certain friends and a lot from others and makes the news feed all jumbled up so it’s not in order. Really annoying. Don’t try so hard Facebook. If I follow someone’s feed, I want to see what they posted. Today. Not the stuff they posted last Friday and the stuff they posted today next Tuesday.

Pls add


Pls add turn off add friend requests... I hate add friends requests bec. I don’t know who or hate fake friends ... I want to stop no more add friends requests my list friend ... thk u

πŸ‘€help please


Fb won’t let me change my email.

1st amendment


1st amendment only applies to them, you do not have any rights unless you follow their liberal view point, can’t even delete my account until their little celler dwellers decide to let me back in, imdone, Facebook and messenger exist only to sell your info and ban you once they have it,

The app is not working

Tayib zghoul

I just updated my app to the last version and now when I try to open it opens for a few seconds then closes immediately

What did you do?


I can’t see comments on any post now. Now you’re screwing up the comment section on Facebook. I don’t care what’s relevant, new etc I want to read everything without having to do all that πŸ™„

Most Recent


The Most Recent timeline has been in no particular order for the past few weeks. Facebook should hire employees that understand what chronological order is or maybe get rid of the most recent option if you are going to still put my timeline in random order.

I don’t like the major changes done in 2018 by facebook


Less privacy, limited “see first” more ads when we watch videos...