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Facebook is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Just bad.


The latest problem I'm running into is that it won't show me all my profile pictures! When I tap "view profile picture" it shows it for a second and then says "this photo isn't available." When I tap on the profile pic album, some of them are missing!

App will not download to my iPhone.


I just deleted the app because it wasn't loading, figured I could just uninstall then re-install it. I go to my Facebook settings through my phone and select "install" over and over and over again, it will start to load then just stop and disappear. No notification, no reason why, just doesn't work.

Please fix


Can not see the recent activity on my timeline

Stop the background activity!


This app kills my battery with background activity. Have to delete because I can't lose that much battery to one stupid app.

New Update Bug!!?

Hair girl 13

I just updated this app not 2 hrs ago and I cannot stay logged in! It throws me to the App Store or my homepage on my phone. Please fix.



It's horrible, always deletes my profile picture because it doesn't "follow the guidelines" even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with my picture.



The app crashes regularly. Not worth the trouble. App has been awful for over a year. Shoot us an Instagram because that's where I will be spending my idle time.



New Update. FAIL!!! Stop enabling the in app sound with each and every update! I'm getting sick of having to disable every week!

Battery hog. ?


The Facebook app is by far the least battery efficient app on my iPhone 6s. I've turned off location services completely and turned off background app refresh and it still is awful.



Continuos crashing when I try to open a link. My friends won't use messenger so now I can't chat with them on FB. Please put chat back in! Crashing when I click on friends lists What happened? The update today will not load. I tried deleting and rebooting my phone and downloading from the App Store. Where are you Facebook "fixers"? Better than the previous but I still just want the friends lists to be back on the side. instead of at the top-- separate from news feed. I would also be able to use custom share on the iPhone so I can choose multiple friends lists to share with instead of just one. I hate the iphone app. Please make it easier to navigate news feed and friends' lists! My time on FB has decreased significantly. If it isn't improved, I've even thought about taking many friends out of lists. I do not like how the news feed has to be scrolled down every time and then scrolled back up to change my friends list. My friends lists have been rearranged so I can't find them anymore. I had everything organized and now it's chaos.