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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.

Generally poor social networking site


If you like seeing the same 10 people on your newsfeed despite having 1000+ friends this is the site for you! Ever wonder what your old pal Matt from high school is doing? Just go to his page once and your newsfeed will now be completely filled with everything he posts! Ever bored at home on a Friday night? Don’t worry! Facebook will let you know when one of your random friends is live so you can watch their good time and weep! In a nutshell their algorithm seriously limits who you see, all the time!



Every time this gets an update it says the file is big so to connect to WiFi, I connect and it never updates. It’ll just update by itself out of nowhere when I’m not even connected to WiFi . This last update I’ve been trying to do for 4 days. I connected to WiFi and nothing. So I deleted it and now it’s taking already over an hr just to redownload.

new version seems broken


Getting error messages it can’t load current posts and is repeatedly reshowing same alerts over and over



It’s great but try not using for a while and forget your password, it is a nightmare!! You go around in circles trying to login to your account and you then you can’t find the code generator so you send ID and you continue to go around and around. Facebook never acknowledges you are try to rescue your an account. Very poor customer service.



How about giving us the option to make a comment private! I was just wanting to make a joke on one of my friend’s posts, but I didn’t out of fear of potentially offending one of her very conservative family members.



I’ve had an issue for around 6 months where my newsfeed won’t load past 3-4 posts. I have contacted Facebook about this repeatedly to no avail. I just want this fixed.

Don’t do it !


Fb is a scam! Hackers !



Timeline is super annoying. FB format is awful. Full of annoying ads and other such garbage. Only reason i have it is for messenger



Facebook app needs to be fixed it is always telling me I have new notifications and when I open to check they're old notifications and the numbers disappear only to return a few minutes later

Notifications are HORRIBLE


I don’t know what happened but I can’t see ANY new notifications on my phone. I’ll get the pop up that I have one - open the app and I can’t see anything. What I do see is days old. It works fine on the computer but the app is complete garbage at this point. It’s so frustrating. It was spotty on the last update but this new one made it 10 times worse.