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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.

Features missing

Disgruntled FB'er

Most recent update was a step backwards. Unable to open photos, or other items within posts.

Doesn’t open any more.


Ive had this app for a long time and liked that i could access my groups without actually going into facebook. Now, it goes to the app store, and when i click “open”, it opens facebook. What a waste.


Login issues grrrrrrfcssth

Can't view my notifications. It just crashes every time. I deleted and redownloaded the app. I soft reset the phone and nothing. Seriously frustrating.



Why can LinkedIn remember exactly what place I’m at in my feed for weeks? I come back to the app after literal weeks, and I’m on the exact same post I was looking at. With the option of clicking New Posts. Yet, Facebook resets my feed if I leave the app for 10 seconds. And it’s not like I’m seeing new posts with the reset. Facebooks crap algorithm shows me what I think I want to see: posts I’ve already seen. Getting real sick and tired of both Facebook and Instagram’s so called “predictive” AI algorithms. You’re pissing a lot of people off, people are thirsty for the next big thing so they can get away from your asinine, ad-driven mentality.

Last update


After the last update that I made the Facebook app doesn’t work keep crushing doesn’t refresh me page or my notifications. Deleted it couple of times and downloaded again and happens the same . Useless app I’m not gonna use it anymore .

What did you do!?


I’m looking at the same posts over and over again. Where is the “most recent” tab? Why change things and make them worse?




Se cierra la app


No se que pasa pero cuando quiero entrar a notificaciones se cierra la app, si puedo ver el inicio pero cuando quiero entrar a las opciones se cierra

Horrible new algorithm


Your new algorithm is crap. Can’t go but like 10 posts before seeing things from over a week ago. I like pages and other things cause that’s what I wanna see. If I only wanted to see posts from like 10 people then I would only like 10 people. Go back to the way things were. It was much better. It’s pure crap now.