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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.

See all Facebook accounts I’ve got.


Close the ones I need to and can

Update please/ big fix ???? Please

no thank you.....

So why is facebook saying i have 45 notifications but i only have 1. This had been going on for a while now, can this please be fixed. ????? I didn’t pay it any attention at first but now it’s really just annoying .

Needs some work


first of all a lot of the links I try and use Don’t work at all I have an account that I deactivated and deleted but it still there but I just can’t login and lots of other stuff aren’t working either

Feels a whole lot like Communist China


Don’t say anything that could be considered “wrong think” or else you get zucc’d. First they came for Alex Jones and I did not speak out, for I was not an Info Warrior. Then they came for the alt-right and I did not speak out, for I was not the alt-right. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.

Nice update. Not


Ah. The standard every two weeks were gonna update and ignore everything our users want. Gee Facebook. I just love all these ads you constantly show me. Nothing’s like trying to edit my ad preferences cause you say I can control it, yet I still get ads I don’t freaking want! I’m so sick of this stupid freaking app. If it weren’t for the fact I have friends I talk to on there, I would’ve deleted Facebook a while ago.

Major issues


I have been having major issues with the app. It won’t load notifications or my news feed. I’ll only get 5 or 6 stories then it’s a white blank screen. This is beyond annoying. I have sent multiple reports in and nothing has been fixed. I know I am not the only one experiencing this.

I fixed the problem

Tammy mom of 2

Well I seem to have solved the Facebook app problems I have been having where it keeps crashing on me. I deleted it then logged on using my safari browser, changed my password and logged out of other logins. Then reinstalled the app. When I went to reinstall it said get on the app instead of showing a icloud download icon. So now I have been using it for two hours and it is not crashing anymore.

Won’t stay open


As of today when I open the app it only stays open for less then a minute and then the screen goes black and to my home page.

Face book is the virus spreader


Ive been hacked so many times on face book and in the help you have india people acting like they are face book employees and try to hack your acc again and they keep sending out notifications that 100 people responded then two seconds later 300 people have then a second later 50 people they are links that have numbers saying they are face book techs and different numbers saying they are face book techs and theres no way face book owners and Partner Mark dont know about it .

App won’t work completely


I’ve tried to temporarily deactivate my account and now it says there’s an error every time I click on the link to deactivate my account. This need to be fix ASAP