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Facebook is free iOS app published by Facebook, Inc.

Missing scheduling posts


Why did you take away the best feature? I can no longer schedule my posts!!



Facebook technology people can't get it right, but yet Zuckerman is making a fortune of of it.So sad

iPhone 6s


Could you please Fix the 3D touch in the last versions asap

I need the application in Arabic

꧁꫞رجہل مہلأئكہي꫞꧂

I need the application in Arabic

Why we have to pay for all the apps we want

Byrd lovea

Why do we have to pay for apps with iPhone and they are high paying $20 dollars to download Facebook and other apps this crazy



I just felt like rating it. I honestly only downloaded it to vote because I apparently need a Facebook account. Anyways, yeah. vote BTS ;))))))

Scheduling posts


I run 2 pages on fb and had to option to schedule my daily posts for a couple of days and now that option is gone! I really loved it and would love for it to come back! My co-owner has an android phone and has the option, I have an iPhone and don’t! That’s a wonderful feature that I’d love for all users to have.

Please Fix!!

Farm cow

I would be perfectly fine with the whole app if Marketplace worked!! I cannot get the icon to show up in the app and when I try to do anything to get it to show up, the entire app just crashes!! This isn’t just me either, I have talked to others who are experiencing the same problems. Pls fix ASAP!! (I will remove and then re-write a positive review when the mess is fixed)



I, for the life of me, can't find Timeline Photos anymore... There used to be an album of timeline photos and now it's gone. Also, when in an album, not all the photos are shown so if I'm looking for a specific photo I can't just scroll through the album until I find it; I have to go through every photo one by one. ?? I'm so confused 😣 Lastly, I don't get why the preview when changing your cover photo has changed. Now you can only view a small window that doesn't help at all. And it would be nice to reposition profile or cover photos in the app.

Crashing like crazy


Just updated a few hours ago. It's crashed on me three times since.