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Dark Sky Weather is paid iOS app published by The Dark Sky Company LLC

This app is going downhill fast

it’s Only Me

I used to love this app, but it’s now seriously bad at providing any useful info on snow storms. The last 2 storms that have dumped multiple inches even feet of snow don’t get predicted in the hourly view, which is garbage



It’s amazing how completely wrong it is about the weather though I’ll give you this, it is consistently wrong....

Accurate Weather Predictions


Really pretty good @ predicting weather! You can really count on it!

Something is up

come on GLU

So I’ve used this app for years now and for the past couple months things such as rain chances and the radar being cut off and glitchy is really confusing me because this used to be a very sleek, accurate app. Will still continue to use but just wanted to bring it to light before I increase my rating. Update: deleting app. These issues have persisted. The accuracy just isn’t there anymore. I have to look at the radar and guesstimate on where and when the storm will hit. The charts are not accurate. 20% chance and it’s pouring outside.

Great Weather Advisory and Maps

Mike Wyckoff

Dark Sky gives us plenty of notice when storms are brewing and headed our direction. They have the best animated precipitation map of anything I have used. It is very accurate and gives you more time in the loop to visualize where the storms are and where they will be for the next hour ahead of time. Thanks for making an app that actually works with incredible performance. These news channel apos out there are all the same and just can’t seem to crunch the weather data like Dark Sky can.

Usually wrong


This app used to be fantastic before the company was acquired; I used to marvel at how accurate it was at predicting the next hour’s weather for my exact location. Now it just seems to give weather by zip code and so it’s wrong more often than not. For example, right now it says “no precipitation” where I am but it is snowing, and even my local TV station predicted snow. It’s a waste of time, really.

Lack of updates


Since Apple has acquired DarkSky the updates have slowed down to a halt. They plan to stop supporting it by the end of 2022 yet are still selling an app that will stop working.

Dark sky weather


I like being able to look up the predictions of weather, snow, ice, etc. it is also interesting to see the weather that each of our adult children are experiencing! Thank you.

great but needs a widget!

Rachel D.

I love this app. It’s been on the front page of my homescreen for ages. But why does it not have a widget? I like having a weather widget so I use the one for apple’s native weather app… but I would so much rather have a Dark Sky one. Seems like a huge oversight! A weather app is exactly the kind of app that should have this available in my opinion. Would love to see this added.


ping molley

Very reliable.