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Dark Sky Weather is paid iOS app published by The Dark Sky Company LLC



Gotta say this is the most inaccurate weather app.

Love it


Never thought I’d pay for a weather app but it’s always more accurate than the default weather app on my phone and...more importantly it’s more accurate than my wife.

Snow not showing recently

Bollywood Sam

I’ve been using Dark Sky for years and loved it. But recently, since January 2021, snow predictions are not showing up by hour. It will typically show snow during the current hour, and then nothing the rest of the day/night. When clearly there is snow in the forecast, and the radar shows this, and the day shows inches of snow accumulation. We all rely on as much accuracy as possible, and it seems something is just not right with the hourly snow forecast. Please correct this and I wish to continue using Dark Sky for all the other great features. And return back to a 5 star rating.

The Best


Dark Skies is far and away the best weather app. When we lived in Florida, where rain showers happen off and on during the day, it was creepily accurate about when storms were staring and stopping. I don’t pay attention to any other forecasts.

Great info, IF ONLY the ALERTS function worked!


Used ~5 months. As other raters have noted, Dark Sky is generally a very useful app with accurate predictions. Only problem is, the Alert settings have zero provision for adjusting the alert tone or VOLUME (Apple iOS 14.4 disallows doing so from their Setting functions; only possible if App itself has this provision). Hence, in a highly fire-prone area, the “high winds at night” and “lightning predicted” are extremely important to us. But a soft musical chime does nothing whatsoever to awaken us to assume Firewatch; it can barely be heard in the daytime in a quiet room. The search goes on for a better Weather app which offers this functionality.

Fake reviews


This app work great for me. Wish I could pin this widget to the top like the original weather app

Where is the widget?

J Parker1

Disappointed in paying $4 for this...in the description is says there is a widget. I’m up to date on iOS and have 12 Pro and there is no widget. Also, it does not seem to handle snow forecast very well. What’s up with this and can I get my $4 back?!

Good app.


Add 10 day forecast

Dark Lies


This app is wrong more than it is right. There is a winter storm warning in the area for tomorrow calling for 8 to 11 inches of snow. This app says it will be partly sunny and no call for precipitation. It is still posting the winter storm warning from the NWS that totally contradicts the forecast. Just one example of the inaccuracy of the app.

REBECCA Mc attorney, elected official


Grateful for the easy to read, accurate hour by hour weather projections as well as week long forecasts , storm alters and ability to quickly alter to global locations