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Dark Sky Weather is paid iOS app published by The Dark Sky Company LLC

Used to be good


Today is bright and sunny, yet the app shows 96% chance of rain. Ever since apple took over they have ruined this app. Don’t waste your money, and use a free app that is more accurate consistently



Very inaccurate. At night reports next day temperature to be 62 , next day temperature high was 39. 4days out said 36+ inches of snow over 3 days, 1 hour later said 6 inches. Not even close to actual weather.

Dark sky


U have change my life! I can plan jogging time, gardening times and a bit of sun for a tan!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!

Useful App


Very helpful app. Pretty accurate.

Great app!


Best money ever spent on an app! Thanks!

Widget and Update


It is clear that Apple wanted the info this app provides and had no intention of ever updating it with an iOS 14 widget. I prefer the GUI and layout of Dark Sky over any other weather app but the lack of a widget is ridiculous. App has been deleted. Along with Swype and Mailbox, Dark Sky goes the way of being the best at what it does (and the most popular) to no longer being supported for absolutely no good reason. Gets one star because zero stars isn't an option.

Terribly inaccurate for my area


Beautiful radar, and a nice set of info on the days weather offered. However, for my area (Kansas City Metro) this app is not accurate at all. Often says ‘rain starting in...’ when it’s blue sky’s for days and doesn’t notify when it actually does rain. Buddies of mine use cheap/free apps that are often better. Fingers crossed though cause I’ve had this since it was released.

Worth every penny


I love this App the best I ever bought

Updates and widgets would be nice.

In the elements

I really like this app and use it daily however I don’t understand why it has sort of been kicked to the curb by Apple. Why does it not support widgets on the Home Screen. I have to use the default weather app because of that.

Very Inaccurate


Temperature and Feel Like Temperature is very inaccurate much of the time. Not reliable at all.