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Dark Sky Weather is paid iOS app published by The Dark Sky Company LLC

useless lately

Cant rate app all names taken

not only are the predictions bad, but now it only gives me weather for the north pacific ocean. never been there in my life

No longer forecasts precipitation


I’ve used this app for a couple years and it’s been excellent, but recently the accuracy has gone way down. It no longer predicts any precipitation types and only provides temperature forecasts. I’m sure it’s not related, but it seems like the shift happened slowly after it was purchased by Apple.

This was a good app


Sometime in the late last year there was a major change to this app from reliable to unreliable. Not sure what happened but we now receive unrealistic amounts of snow forecasted. Today’s local forecast is 4-8” of snow this app is telling me 17-29 inches, not just for today but the remaining forecast of any snow for the week. The forecast conveniently changes to be correct when the weather is happening as opposed to the true definition of forecast.




Best weather app period


This is by far the most accurate and timely weather app to date.



Even since it was announced that Apple acquired this app it has become awful and inaccurate.

Great app


Fantastic weather app thats a joy to use. I would give it 5 stars but the fact it does not support widgets is pretty disappointing.


The Norman Dude

This is by far the best weather app I have used. Very simple and straightforward user interface that hides (in a good way) the underlying complexity. Also extremely accurate local predictions. This could be used as a classroom example for good app design. Well worth a few bucks.

Wrong more than right

overcast and stormy

When everybody else is seeing weather alerts for major storms, Dark Sky is likely to be calling for a sunny day. Believe everyone else.

Favorite Weather App


This is my favorite weather application and I have several. Clean and useful interface. Worth the cost!