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Dark Sky Weather is paid iOS app published by The Dark Sky Company LLC

Temperatures no longer accurate


Someone has made changes to their forecasting model. Dark Sky is consistently wrong on temperature readings. I can no longer trust Dark Sky.

How much snow?


Today’s local forecast on this app projected 32 inches of snow? We got 2!! What’s up with that?!!

Good weather app.

Book mom

I believe this to be the most accurate weather app I have used. The only I would change is change is the ability to change the pressure to inHg.

Great App


Awesome APP for weather Love It

Most Accurate weather app

Cyn Newman

This app is so accurate. Can’t say enough good things about it.

Love it when it works

Ramblin’ Reneé Rose

For the last few nor’easters the hourly display shows the snow ending an hour from the time it’s checked. It’s disappointing.



Weather channel app is still superior in forecasting. This app seems inaccurate and not timely in its daily forecasting and no longer has a home on my phone, disappointing to say the least!

So much real estate on iPad not used


There are so much potential or the iPad version but they just copy and paste and leave a lot of empty space.

Dark Sky is beautiful and has enough weather geek information

Oregon Rain Salesman

I’m a weather watcher and I just got tired of the stock apps inaccurate reporting . With this app I can figure out my own forcast or blindly believe that guy on the TV. All the tools are here and if you like too much weather information, this is the place to look. Users can send instant corrections to the app computer or people. I believe that Dark Sky’s information is a fit for a fanatical weather nut, and you can just stare at the beautiful color graphics of Mother Earth if you are bored. Go ahead and jump on this one with apple products and enjoy. You can report current conditions and the graphics include weather across the planet. Also, you can volunteer barometric readings for your location. ( not certain this feature was kept) You can do cloud coverage and the type and amount of precip. The app updates the “now” weather as it happens.

Terrible for rain. Worse for snow.

torch of light

I work on rooftops 90% of the time. I don’t understand why I’m the morning there is zero % chance of rain until it is raining at 1:00-3:00pm. Just say 50% chance all day everyday instead of complete lying. All morning I keep looking at the app, 0% chance of rain until 3pm. Sky keeps getting darker and pouring rain a 1pm. This app was great until apple took over and ruined it. How can the accuracy all of the sudden be terrible. I want a refund. Currently snowing for the last 2 hours, app reports no precipitation and clear sky. :(