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Dark Sky Weather is paid iOS app published by The Dark Sky Company LLC

Great app

Big help 03628171

I love this app. I use it all the time.

Best Weather App


Best weather app in most intuitive weather app available. Also a great feature is being able to look backward in time and see what’s the weather look like at your favorite date in the past.

What happened to Dark Sky?


Forecasts are consistently dead wrong, app is flimsy and nothing getting better. Used to be great...what happened?



Accuracy is definitely missing

The free website is better for some reason


This app definitely has good technology but the user interface is lacking. Unless I am missing it there is nowhere to get a summary of the day and night’s weather, you have to look at the hour by hour (every 2 hours, weird) and figure it out. Also, if you add up the hourly precipitation rates they never total the full day summary at the bottom of the chart. If I had to do it over again I wouldn’t have paid for this app. The web based free version is much more intuitive and user friendly.

Wrong Forecast App!


Not as refined as the competition and clunky. Future forecast is not accurate at all, wherever the data is pulled from is mostly wrong! Seems like bad reviews are not being addressed!

Imperative for residents in the Pacific Northwest...


One of the noteworthy characteristics of this app is its ability to realistically assert probability, regarding precipitation. "Dark Sky," is far more accurate than other predictive apps for assessing the climate in Western Washington. While the rain here, usually isn't more than, "light rain," or drizzle, this application provides essential info for Seattleites that, as Northwesterners, do not gain empowerment from using umbrellas... I look to Dark Sky to let me know when Gore-Tex is required, or just a cotton sweatshirt will suffice to maintain some level of inherent dryness. It also gives adequate warnings when the weather will become anomalous to the typical overcast sky and incessant but light drizzle, and may require more than temperate coastal preparations. Good work, and I look forward to seeing how this app will progress, in the future...

Pretty.. inaccurate


The app has fantastic user interface and experience. Unfortunately the weather reports are remarkably inaccurate... which is the real reason we use a weather app in the first place.

Faulty snow predictions


Dark Sky does not accurately predict snowfall, refusing to show any predicted snow on a day with a winter storm warning and snow in the radar.

Went from 1st to worst


Not sure what happened. Could be the Apple partnership? This was the only accurate weather tool I could find. For the past 4-6 months it’s gone south. It’s not even close to accurate. It’s actually raining at my house right now and Dark Sky says partly cloudy and no rain Update: this is a joke. I don’t think they stopped paying for weather feeds. Farmers Almanac is better Final update: the worst weather app ever. Went from the best to the worst. Completely inaccurate. It’s raining as I type this and Dark Sky says “no precipitation for the hour”.