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Dark Sky Weather is paid iOS app published by The Dark Sky Company LLC

Used to be amazing.


This app was hands down the most accurate. Now, it seems Apple has pulled the plug on this. No updates in 3 months, and now it only seems good for temperature. Apparently it never snows or rains anymore. Please fix it. I paid for this, I expect it to function.


cesar a cabrera

App needs a widget

Do not buy


The app that was once my go to for weather has changed for the worse. It is no longer accurate at all. It will call for snow or rain but no longer tell you when it will in the hourly. The weather predicted is horrible. Do not buy it.

Used to be better


Dark Sky seemed to be much more accurate a couple of years ago.

Doesn’t Show Snow


I thinking literally every other app I’ve ever seen with radar differentiates snow and sleet from rain. Why did I pay for this app again???

Time machine & Radar station.


What happened to the graph that shows snow/blue?? U guys stink. Ruined a good APP. ...is a joke. Obviously weather cannot be predicted looking out UR window but get rid of the feature. It’s farcical. People are right. Apple takes it over and its worse. Raining where i am?? Its pure blue sky. This APP now stinks. Y is the radar station constantly off line?? Apple? UR overrated.

This app has really gone down hill


Since Apple bought it out I know for a fact we’re getting snow today and the app shows “overcast”

Not very accurate


Not very accurate, every other weather app is showing snow except this one. Not dependable at all...



No longer works.

What happened?


Dark Sky used to be my most trusted app for anything related to weather but lately it seems like the information they provide completely contradicts what usually happens. It’s disappointing because the technology is slick but the forecasts are becoming more unreliable...