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Dark Sky Weather is paid iOS app published by The Dark Sky Company LLC

Easy and Versatile


This weather app allows you to easily explore every aspect of the weather using graphs, charts and maps that can be expanded or zoomed. It defaults to your current location but you can select a city anywhere in the world. It’s especially useful if you’re going on a trip. Helpful when deciding what to pack.



its a solid weather app thats very reliable and accurate, even here in oklahoma were the weather is very dramatic, its almost always right on… definitely recommend



Says there's a widget, but can’t make a widget.

Weather report


Giving you the daily whether it is somewhat accurate

Love the weather data!


Wherever I go I can get the forecast.

Very bare bones app with no widget


The reason I wanted to buy a weather app was: 1. Wanted weather app with no ads 2. Wanted an app with widgets to display on my iPad 3. To have an app that I can easily see weather in multiple locations simultaneously without having to tap each location to see the weather. This app only does 1 of those 3 things, it displays the weather for one location at a time with no ads. To me this is not enough to justify paying $4.00. I will continue to wait in the hopes that Apple will add a weather app to the iPad at some point that can do all 3 things.

Inaccurate lately


This overcast morning while this app showed Zero chance precipitation I was looking out at the rain. After 15 minutes of rain, someone else noticed then it switched it to 100%. It’s good for what already happened, predictions are iffy.

Real Good

Jay Es El

Didn’t know it was Apple app. Is that recent? Not native with iOS devices. Apple-Addition by subtraction.

Very accurate


Great app that is very accurate the closer to the event happening than most other apps. Hope they don’t discontinue this one.

Why no widgets???


Arguably the best weather app available. But why are there no widgets? My weather app is the app that I need widgets for over any other type. I know the mechanics involved and they're quite easy to create. Please do so.