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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.



Good news content but EVERY article with video has a 13 second commercial you have to watch 1st. VERY ANNOYING!!

App keep crashing


Since the most recent update the app keeps crashing.

Feedback - Notification Functionality


I have notifications enabled for the app. If a notification comes in and I immediately select it to view the story, the app launches and then immediately crashes. Then if I re-launch the app, the story is nowhere to be found. In general I love the app but this issue is really annoying.


Get wise

A couple of days ago I began having the same battery drain issue as others are experiencing. Even after switching off the background refresh on my iOS settings the CNN app continues to keep running in the background. Like others I am forced to delete the app so that I don’t pick up my pad to find the low battery about to shut down my pad. Just began seeing the problem this week. CNN’s developers need to check these reviews. This issue is causing people to have to delete the app to avoid it continuously running their batteries dead.

Fake News Network

Senor Peso

Another arm of the fake news, Clinton News Network. Completely biased reporting. Do not download.

Too many ads. Zero stars


Too many ads. Can’t even read an article for 30 second ads. Lots of past week stories.

Drains your battery u less u shut it down manually

Free couns bs

My iPhone kept dying at night while not on the charger and i never knew what was wrong. Then i went to the battery manager and it showed my cnn app used up 85% of my battery. It kept happening. The cnn app keeps running in the background even though i have it set up not to do so. No way around it had to delete it.

Fake news central


Bunch of liberals blaming every issue the US has on Republicans. They never show any good things that Republicans do because they hate the country.



Informative real time news

A paid app that still focuses on ads


Three stars because I generally like CNN. Minus two stars because I paid for the app but still get hounded by ads. Every click of a video makes you wait for some ad to be delivered, ads are peppered heavily as you scroll through an article, accidentally scroll down while an ad is playing and the ad stops.. scroll back up and get a new, longer ad delivered.