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The BEST!!

Who Believes this Stuff


Total Brain Dead! Fake News

CNN=fake news

Kingalbertthe great

CNN is just not fake it’s very fake! I’ve been saying cnn is fake since 911 happened. 911 was an inside job and we all know it because how building 7 went down like a controlled demolition.

Playing video crashes the app


Title says it.

Totally Fake News


The new version of the CNN app is very low energy. Lots of fake news. Ever since CNN started colluding with Russia, the app has gone downhill. SAD!



Apple is a liberal left win company so of course, they would have CNN ranked high when their shows to be so many negative reviews on and about cnn. They are trash news that absolutely lies about everything and are biased. They want to blame fox yet 24/7 they are biased. Lol give me a break. If it doesn’t fit their agenda they lie. This app should have 0 stars. You have CNN but you took off info wars, I hate the guy but guess what CNN is propaganda that lies just as well. Your a joke Apple and so are you CNN.

What happened to CNN?


We all get they’re on a war path against Trump, and he’s a fool, no doubt. But now their headlines and articles are so slanted against conservative principals, it makes them look foolish. Which they’re not. Not historically anyway. Every story is another chance to take a shot at conservative causes. The fact that they refuse to say it was a jihadist compound found in New Mexico was the last straw for me. CNN continues to treat its audience like kindergarteners. They won’t tell us anything that might be misunderstood, misconstrued or misused. I’ve used this app for a decade as my primary source of news each day. But I’m very close to deleting it for good. I love their journalists and I know there’s nothing “fake” about them, but the way the spin is coming at us now against this administration is nauseating. I hate Fox News so I’m not sure how I’ll get my news if I remove CNN. I just wish they’d go back to being fair and critical of both sides. Or maybe just less critical altogether. We could use some good news these days.

Trump is making them the laughing stock of mainstream media


Too bad there isn’t a zero star option on the review section. CNN has shown their bias more and more as Trump’s presidency has continued on. They spring on any little “news” to try to discredit him as a adequate president, only for it to not be true or have little info from said “sources.” Get over it. He is our president and unless you can change the past CNN, there is nothing you can do. PS: Also, how many 5 star reviews are from Russian bots?


Tim Boonie


Commercials Takeover Videos


The commercials are annoying that begin every video feed... thanks but no thanks... I am getting rid of the APP