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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

App crashes and Loads slowly


Just updated my app and it keeps crashing. It also takes way too long to load due to very rich content.


master plan 1

Some of the worst so called news ever. Look at facts. CNN is not news. Pathetic.

New release- can’t get past 1st screen

ex Waze advocate

Going to delete it

So slanted and left leaning


Outside of MSNBC, CNN is sickeningly left leaning to the point that I had to delete the app to block out their perspective on anything Newsworthy.

Logging in every few days


Good when it works. However I feel as though I have to login to my tv provider once every few days. Not sure why I can’t stay logged in.

Bad news. Bad app

Cyrus Harding

App is a battery hog. News is biased way to the left. Very divisive load of crap.


sslt & pepper

I like the news keep up the good work it's awesome great, cool I really enjoy CNN app

Warning. Anything you try to watch has an ad!


Very annoying to have to be forced to watch an ad every time you’re trying to read an article. I understand ads pay the bills, but just take it down a notch.

Ads, Ads and more Ads


Horrible app makes you watch a commercial for every single news video. By the end of the day, you’ve watched more commercials than a SuperBowl game. I ended up uninstalling it from my phone, 2.5 minutes after its initial installation. If I’m going to watch the latest news, why do I have to watch so many commercials for every news article video?