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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Need to update every time I use it!


Every time I open the CNN app on my iPad, I’m told I need to update the app; then it works fine right up until I go to another app. So when I go to the CNN app again, I’m told I need to update the app. What’s up with that?

Fluky, non user-friendly


I’m not sure what standard most these reviewers have that rave about this app. The first review I saw called this app “refreshing”! I suspect the ratings of this app have been padded with paid for reviews because nothing on this app is smooth or “refreshing”! -videos don’t link properly. You never know what video will play when you try to link to them. -this is assuming video plays at all -formatting is actually pretty good....back when I downloaded the app on my first iPhone nine years ago! Since then the layout has changed very little. -the list goes on and on more than I care to continue with writing about it. CNN-hire a clever high school kid to reformat and fix your app. They couldn’t possibly do any worse than whoever you use now!

Despite fake reviews, app thrives

Terrible fake reviews

People just keep lying and making up issues in this review section. It's clear that at 240k(last I checked) and 4.7 stars that there is nothing wrong with the app.

Works sometimes lags and crashes most times


You know this road you’ve traveled it in your dreams.

Typos. . .


I appreciate the news, and the app is easy to navigate. However, the high number of typos is embarrassing—it’s unprofessional to publish stories riddled with so many grammatical errors.

Unresponsive App


This app crashed nearly every time I used it. Just froze up and I was unable to read the lies & fake news being dished out by this disgusting news organization. It’s always good to read both sides of an issue but CNN has gone far beyond an rational view of a story. Now they try to make the news instead of reporting the news. Sad that such a once respected news outlet would become such an unamerican rag.

No Chromecast Support


Very disappointing there’s no chromecast support for Apple phones. I don’t see much a reason to use this app without it.

What happened?


I use the app very frequently but lately, on my iPhone X, it freezes, won’t scroll, can’t do anything. Even if I close the app and restart, it still happens. I’ve deleted and reinstalled several times and still the same issues. Please fix!

Deleting app now

crista g

I like to read about actual news. Not just how bad CNN hates Trump. The United States, along with it’s allies, just bombed the Assad Regime. And still, CNN is more concerned about how the news will affect the stormy Daniels B.S.

App Stopped Working on iPad


Loved the app until this week when it stopped working on my iPad. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success. The homepage loads but does not respond to touch screen to open stories. All other apps on the iPad are working just fine!