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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Ads ads and more ads


Waaaaaaaaay too many ads

Great if you want non stop articles on trump


I’m politically neutral. Unfortunately this app has failed to inform me what’s going on in the world because of the obsession with Donald trump. There’s more to the world than Donald trump.



Battery drainer

Corrupt liberalism


CNN Never says one positive thing that Trumps trying to do. He’s putting people back to work creating jobs. Liberalism will crush this country. Just look at California Society is at its worst. Not to mention New York is seeing liberalism at its finest. Thousands of people are bailing and relocating to where I live every year.That’s what socialism/ Liberalism does. This probably won’t make it to the reviews. CNN liberalism is not what this country needs. QUIT DIVIDING THIS GREAT COUNTRY WE LIVE IN!!!!!!! How about reporting far left politics. Try reporting more fair balanced news. What about the shooting in Philadelphia. Fake CNN can’t report or show video of people on the street yelling and throwing things at the police while shoots were fired. That’s A bunch of BS!! So disrespectful. But so is CNN.



Biased, hate-filled nonsense. Deletes bad reviews. FAKE NEWS!!

Bad UI


Confusing to browse. Just a bad app.

Needs ability to make text larger on iPhone app

Friend ...

Why doesn’t CNN iPhone app support dynamic text or ability to make text larger within the app?

Fake. News


CNN IS the most fake news agency I have ever seen on our planet

Very slow app until it crashes

Grumpy D5100 Owner

Opening articles is very slow. App crashes after scrolling so I can’t read more than a couple paragraphs before starting over.

Totally and Openly Biased


CNN doesn’t seem like anything more than a political tool used buy the DNC to try to garner power.