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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Way too many bugs

Knicky Finn

Keeps freezing and then closing.



Using this app on Apple TV and lady having trouble- it freezes all the time, dialogue overlaps, and the commercials are alllllwwwaaayyyssss the same! Fix it!!!

Terrible app


Fake news, tmz seems to be more accurate which is sad.


Johnny the pole

I like CNN and all the the reporters they are honest and truthful.They show both sides of the story. It’s a shame our President puts down news as fake.Is it the way dictatorship starts condemning the truth

Crashes all the time!


Good content, if I could ever get it to not stall and crash. For the past month, when I open the app, it doesn’t scroll or open any stories l.

iPad mini crashes frequently


It freezes then closes very frequently. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Not an improvement. Closed it. Wiped it from the running apps. Sometimes it is just fine. But more often it crashes. Waiting patiently for an update. Please!!!!! Love the news when it works.


Not over the hill yet

I am actually sick of these liberals and feminists you idiots actually cried when trump won you have devoted your entire life to ruining the views of the American people and making it sound like its still the 1800s

CNN is the worst


I’ve noticed most of their stories aren’t something I’m interested in. The people of the USA want to hear what’s good in America too. Unfortunately CNN is drawn away from abortions, heroes using guns, the boom on our economy, our paychecks increased, more jobs, income tax happiness and etc.... that’s what WE THE PEOPLE want to hear also. Get your priorities straight CNN!

Slow! Nothing but video


Slowest app on my iPad. And I guess it’s for people are illiterate, as there’s nothing but video.

These are the liars of deceivers at CNN 👈🏼

Josh van Hulst

Please bring back support for older iOS devices: 9.3.5 and older Get rid of stash of democrat/globalists operatives: • Fared Zakaria • Dana "unsourced" Bash • Gloria "Uhhhh" Borjor • Anna "blabber mouth" Navaro • Chris Cuomo • Jeff Zellany • Jeffrey Toubin • Kate Bolduan • Wolf Blitzer • Jim Sciutto