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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Great app


Jk. Terrible app.

Latest update crashes continually

Nothing more to say then if you tap the app icon that it opens and immediately crashes. Had to uninstall.

Still buggy!


CNN locks up every time you leave the app and return. Trying to watch featured shows is terrible for interrupted playback. Again it locks up the app! Improvements on single sign on though and that’s a huge win

Shows Won’t Play


The shows regularly fail and won’t play. It’s extremely frustrating.

Great way to get the news


More convenient than flipping channels or getting distracted by social media when reading on there. The notifications are one of the few I have turned on, because the headlines are always easy to read and straight to the point. Haven't had any issues with lag or the app quitting, despite multiple apps being used. Nice interface, and the customization of notifications is nice. However, I do wish there was a dark mode, so 4 stars for this reason. Will happily change to 5 if this feature is released.

CNN live


With this latest app update the CNN Live do not load/work now.

Changing words from the Statue of Liberty


Please research this & have someone point out all the many immigrants who’ve come to the USA and literally changed the world for the better because they were offered asylum and help to do so...

Battery Drainer


The app drains batteries in the background even with the background activities turned off. During the course of a day, the app racks up over an hour of background activities while I’m only on screen for maybe 20 min.

Deleted after 30 seconds


Downloaded it to watch a live interview and found out you have to give cable provider info. Half the planet has cut the cable already, CNN! Since other news apps don’t have this restriction, I’ll stick with those instead.

Love CNN but App Killing My Battery


CNN App used 60% of my battery in the last 24 hours. I use it - but not that much. Hope you guys can fix this soon. Had to uninstall the app today. It’s regularly using 20% of my battery and refreshing in the background even though it’s set to not refresh. I’ll try it again in a few months and will resort to the web version of cnn.