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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

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CNN is biased, left-leaning and outright fake news.


Ron Hood

In the past, I would go to CNN just to see their view on certain topics but I can’t even bring myself to do that anymore. It actually is very biased news driven by hatred for conservatives and the President. I talk to liberals who also agree. The game is up, CNN and other phony news outlets cannot change their image by crying victim or wearing ‘Facts First’ tee shirts, they actually have to start reporting truthfully and earn our trust back.

Only CNN’s app freezes on my iPhone 8


Even with latest upgrade the CNN app freezes on my iPhone 8, which has max memory, and is running on WiFi.

All these 5 stars are paid to put 5 stars


CNN it fake news

Less than Zero


Just awful! Unethically biased opinions from unhinged, no-talent, racist weenies! Lousy performing app. with pathetic programming, constant whining and zero talent. Please go away

Poor performance


I've had app for years, but after an update a few months ago, the experience has been bad. Takes at 20-30 sec to load displaying only the logo and a black screen. Then once it loads, it takes another 10 sec before recognizing touch commands. The touch commands remain poor while using it. Also, content is just different versions of the same stories. Accessing cnn via a browser has much better and diverse stories.

Fake News


Fake News

Fake news central


Biased media, they will never learn...



Fake news. This media shouldn’t be allowed to have a platform because they spread lies.



Bias media outlet with a hateful agenda. Disgusting