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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Killing my iPad battery


Hey CNN. I’ve had you app since I got this new mini 18 months ago. Suddenly the app is crashing on occasion when I open a notification AND more importantly, the app is consuming my battery while the iPad is asleep. I deleted it, observed the offline drain with and without the app. The battery monitor app in Settings confirms it. This all started happening just recently. You want to do something about it please?

Figure out how to embed video!


I appreciate all of the up to minute news that CNN provides. There are a few bugs that are VERY annoying. In 2019 the network technology personnel can’t figure out how to embed video properly. The video will play for a few seconds and then pause. I push play, and that cycle is repeated. In addition there a several typos in articles. I understand that the news cycle is by the minute, but the stories need to be proofread before the story goes live. It greatly undermines the credibility of the network.

Too many ads

Sky Ingram

Every single time I wanna watch a news video, I have to watch an ad. There’s ads scattered through the stories, there’s ads in every video, there are ads everywhere. I understand monetizing the app, but this is too much.

Fake news


This is the most biased and all time worst news coverage on the planet. Do us all a favor and cease operations immediately.



Please keep us informed of this Pres every move don’t let him fart without reporting it . It’s starting to work more and more people stare leaving the trump cult after this latest racial mass shooting . Make America Intelligent Again ! Biden 2020 # anybody but trump .

Videos Won’t Load or Takes a Long Time


Can you please rectify the above? It’s been happening for awhile now...

Power drain in background


I like CNN as a news source, and like having the app available on my iPad. But if I don’t close out the app when I’m done using it it drains my battery running in the background!



Every other article in the top 20 are anti-Trump. This is biased reporting. They should report the news not skew American thought toward a liberal agenda.

Biased and Fake News


CNN has been peddling highly biased and fake news against India

Most convoluted messed up app ever

Fitz marie

What a crappy app this is. Nearly impossible to navigate. Tried to catch up on the series “The Movies”. Stumbled across it purely by accident. Decided to watch a different episode & it was lost in cyberspace somewhere. Can’t find it now. Even a search comes up empty. WORTHLESS!!