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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Loving it more every day!


Used to only watch Fox News. My kids made me watch CNN and WOW! I feel like I’ve been getting lied to for the past 30+ years. Never going back to Fox. That’s for sure!

As a new source CNN is far superior but this app burns through my battery time


This app is one of my go-to News apps on a daily basis. The quality of the reporting and news is 5-star, but their app seriously burns through my battery. Are use other apps and they barely touch my battery but this one I have to be careful about. Please do something about this app’s power usage!

Too many ads

أبو جنة

If I share a video mid-viewing it’s forces me to watch another ad, it makes me not want to share at all

Lots of great information but drains battery


Love to read all the news on the app on iPad and iPhones but it seems to drain all my battery overnight doing some sort of background refresh even though this feature is turned off. It’s a bit annoying and have to reinstall to resolve issue.

Super Laggy - Not Worth the Storage Space


This is possibly the laggiest app I have EVER. USED.

Lowlevel Fake News


You can see white people in their video thundered out their orders at "Hongkong' demonstrants", order mob making noise, attacking the window outside subway station. But the host just read the article they wrote. Wish their whole famiy explosion with spirit drift spiral ascend to their heaven.


Unhappy 68

Articles extremely slow to open and ready to stop using the CNN app. This does not happen with other news apps so know it is not my device.



good content but it is the glitchiest app on my phone. half of the times when i click the notification to open an article, the app freezes and the article will disappear and i can’t find it again. needs improvements

Journalist need a mental health break


Why is there never good news to read anymore? All cnn seems to focus on is all the bad news in the world. Literally every time someone does something bad cnn has to focus on that instead of the good news. Because I’m pretty sure there are lots of good thing going on in the world but their not mentioning it.

Battery drain


The CNN app is nice but out of all my apps it is the worst for battery usage.