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CNN: Breaking US & World News is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.



Khloe Kardashian daughter name reveal was in first 5 stories on CNN. Come on. That is sad in so many ways. So many more important stories than that. You should be ashamed.

Good, clear reporting


If you are intelligent enough to figure out the difference between news and editorial, the CNN app is a good source of both. The reporting is global and focuses on issues that matter; the live editorial pieces usually have speakers on both sides of an issue. I wish the interviewers were even tougher than they are sometimes and wish there were fewer ads on the website but find the app a necessary one for coverage of this corrupt administration in DC.

App Freezes

The CNN app has been freezing up a lot when scrolling lately. I tried removing and reinstalling the app but the problem persists. Please fix!



Downloaded to watch a documentary series (inside a killers mind) and was only able to watch the one episode on the popular episodes list. No search feature. I view and listen to content across many apps and this is an easy one to shelf, one of the worst.

Bad app.


I can hardly use the app, it constantly crashes.

One way media


Hates anyone who is republican or supports guns.


nock 45

The rating 4.7 out of 5 is a false number as the news they broadcast. A lot of my friends voice (which is 50% of American population) and rating are probably dumped. The rating should be 2.5 - 2.6.

No more breaking news push notifications


I used this AP for many years to receive the breaking news push notifications. I no longer receive any push notifications from CNN.

Keeps me informed!


I love this CNN app! It keeps me informed on the go. The only thing they should improve is the need to log in to my cable provider so often. The should add thumbprint or some other way to allow viewing and verification of services.

Password missing


Every time I leave home and want to watch CNN, I need the password after 5 minuets. Why? Can’t your app keep the password I set up while I was home? No good. I don’t have password until I get home and I won’t need it then. This is not a good app. Keeps on losing PW and I’ve had to reset every time. I’m telling people out there to find another app to get your news. This CNN app won’t keep PW. And if you forget it, you’ll have to reset EVERY DEVISE YOU OWN, EVERY TIME YOU USE. No Good.